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Gujarati Cuisine

 One of the western states of India, the state of Gujarat has its own unique dishes that have become famous all over India

  1. Dhokla
  2. Mango Pickle with Kabuli Channa
  3. Lemon Pickle Gujarati Style
  4. Rabadi
  5. Chaas
  6. Mohandal

Different types of Halwas

 Halwas are favourites for many. A sweet dish originated from the middle east this dish Halwa got quite famous in India and  the most famous one is the Tirunelveli halwa though there are various halwa recipes from all parts of India. Generally halwas are made using flours, nuts and fruits. Ghee, rose water, milk and saffron are used as additives, honey, sugar, milk powder cocoa powder are used as sweetners. Made either with single ingredient or with a mixture of multiple ingredient, halwa have become an integral part of any feast spread. 

Wheat Halwa

Mango Halwa Using Microwave

Mango Halwa

Banana Halwa

Badam Halwa

Easy Badam Halwa

Beetroot Halwa

Carrot Halwa

Carror Halwa using microwave

Moong dal Halwa

Ashoka Halwa

Kasi Halwa

Damroot Halwa

Wheat rawa pineapple Halwa

Oats Halwa

Kootu - A side dish for any day

 Kootu, means join together. We can make it with single vegetable or mixed vegetables. This dish stands alone and can be used as a side dish and also can be used as a main dish to be mixed with rice. There are different types of kootu vareities and I have shared here those kootus that we make regularly at home. I have also shared recipe for Instant kootu powder.

Manathakkali keerai Poricha kootu

7 kari kootu for Thiruvathirai

Thalatham for Pongal

Keerai Molagoottal

Poosanikkai puli kootu

Poosanikkai ven kootu


Instant kootu

Vazhaithandu mor kootu

Cucumber mor kootu

Keerai kootu

Keerai mor kootu

Chow Chow kootu

Mixed Veg kootu

Cabbage kootu

Cabbage peas kootu

Cauliflower kootu

Cauliflower kuruma

Peerkangai masiyal

Moong Dal - A healthy Dal of Indian Cuisine

 Moongdal is a vegetarian superfood which is very rich in protiens and essetial nutrients. The dal is very rich in protein and it helps in building tissues, bones, muscles. Good for blood and skin enhancement. Moong dal is rich in Vitamin E, C and K. Moong dal forms an integral part of Indian diet and as it is low in carbs this is one of the healthiest options. It also helps in preventing diabetes and improves digestive health. 
Moong dal can be used as a diet food, can be given to babies too. 

Apart from these most South Indian Kootus, Hotel Sambar, Gojju, Pongal varieties all use Moong Dal as a major dal in all those dishes. 

Indian Pulses

   * Split beans
   * Thuvar Dal
   * Chickpea
   * Horse gram
   * Black eyed pea
   * Masoor Dal
   * Mung Dal
   * Sesame
   * Kidney Beans
   * Urad Dal
   * Peas

Indian Spices

  * Dry Ginger
  * Cardamom
  * Cinnamon
  * Turmeric
  * Coriander seeds (Dhaniya)
  * Red Chilly Powder
  * Asafodeita
  * Cumin seeds
  * Fennel seeds
  * Black Pepper
  * Cloves
  * Fenugreek seeds
  * Mustard seeds
  * Nutmeg
  * Mace
  * Star Anise

Cooking Basics - Need of the day for all

There are lot of items that are basics which every one need to know. Be it a newly married wife or a bachelor who stays alone. Also in this fast forward world every one have very less time and so certain things need to be prepared and stocked in leisure time. More over preparing powders and pastes at home are highly economical and also fresh. Though there are many brands available in the market, one can make them at home according to the taste of the family people. 

Bengali Cuisine

Bengal was a large section of East India, but after partition West Bengal retained lots of flavours of the Bengali Cuisine. Here are a list of few of Vegetarian Bengali recipes.

* Mango Pickle Bengali Style
* Panch Pooran Masala
* Bengali Ghee Rice
* Brinjal Raitha

Different kinds of Pongal

Pongal, is a dish that is made on the occassion of the festival of Pongal and also on many special occassions. When one performs Ganapathi homam in the house, for Homam and also for Neivedhyam one have to make Chakkarai Pongal.

On Koodaravalli, I have heard many make Akkaravadisal

* Sarkarai Pongal/Chakkarai Pongal
* Ven Pongal
* Pongal made of Sugar

Different kinds of Vadai

Vadai is one special dish that is made in many of the South Indian festivals. But all at the same time, it also makes a great snack and evening tiffin too. Here is a list of different kinds of vadais.

* Aama Vadai
* Ulunthu Vadai
* Keerai Vadai
* Pepper Vadai for Hanumath Jayanthi
* Masal Vadai using Urad Dal

Raithas and Pachadis

Raithas is the name given for Pachadis in north India. But still there are a few lot of differences between both. Here is a list of Raithas and Pachadis for you to taste and enjoy.

*Kathirikkai Thayir Pachadi (Brinjal Pachadi/Raitha)
*Vazhaippaza Pachadi (Banana Pachchadi)
*Lady's finger Thayir Pachadi
*Mango Neem Flower Pachadi
*Aloo Raitha
*Neem Flower Pachadi
*Sweet Corn Mixed Vegetable Raitha
*Sago (Javvarisi) Thayir Pachadi
*Cucumber Thayir Pachadi
*Carrot Thayir Pachadi
*Tomato Thayir Pachadi
*Ginger Thayir Pachadi
*Mint Raitha
*Pudhina Pachadi
*Coconut Thayir Pachadi

Recipes that will save you a lot of time

Different types of Idlies

Idly is the most favourite dish for most of South Indians. Again Idlies can also be made using different batters apart from the regular batter.

* Idly - Every one's favourite
* Masala Idly Upma
* Kanchipuram Idly
* Kancheepuram Idly - Method 2
* Rawa Idly
* Idly-Veggie Fry
* Horse Gram Idly

Different kinds of Dosa

There are different kinds of Dosas one can make. Batters also differ for certain dosas. Here is a list of dosas which can be made for both breakfast and also for evening tiffin

* Adai Dosa
* Nine Grams Dosa
* Andhra Pesaret
* Neer Dosa
* Wheat Rawa Pesarettu
* Wheat Flour Oothappam
* Gothumai Adai

How to

Idly Milagai Podi types

Idly Milagai Podi, or Chutney podi can be made in different ways.

* Idly/Dosai Milagai Podi with sesame seeds

* Easy Milagai Podi
* Idly Milagai Podi without Sesame seeds
* Garlic Chilly Powder
* Black Urad Dal Idly Chilly Powder
* Nalla Kaaram
* Gujarathi Chilly Powder

Kitchen Utensils in Indian Cooking

We use different kind of utensils in our kitchen to cook different kinds of dishes. Here is a brief intro to such kind of utensils for the benefit of new weds, bachelors and also those who want to know about Indian cooking.

* Anjari Petti or Masala Box
Multi use Othappam Tawa
* Tongs in Indian cooking
* Rathna Stores for Kalyana Seervarisai and Utensils