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Aloo Baingan by Malliga Shivaram

INGREDIENTS: Potato-----1/4 kg Small round brinjals ¼ kg Oil for frying garam masala pow—1/2tsp finely cut onions ¾ cup or3 onions cut fresh cream—1 tbsp salt, finely cut coriander leaves thick tamarind extract—2 tbsp chopped tomato—1/4 cup or two tomatoes, DRY ROAST AND POWDER Dhania---1 tbsp Poppy seeds—1tbsp White sesame seeds or til seeds---1bsp Roasted peanuts—1 tbsp last And 2 onions grind coarsely last METHOD: 1]slice brinjal lenghtwise. 1. ]Cook potato peel and cut lengthwise. 2. Deep fry both in oil separately and keep aside. 3. Heat add onions and fry golden 4. Add chopped tomatoes and stir for a few mins 5. Add ground paste and fry till oil separates 6. Add garam masala, salt,chilli powder and tamarind. 7. Add potatoes and brinjal cook covered for few minutes---till a nice aroma comes remove, garnish with coriander and fresh cream on top[optional]