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Recipe for Badam cake

Ingredients: Almonds - 300 gms (soaked and peeled) Cashew nuts - 100 gms Sugar - 4 cups Water - 1 cup Ghee - 2 tbsp Method: Soak cashew nuts for about 1/2 an hour. Grind it along with badam to a fine paste. For every cup of ground paste, use 3/4th cup of sugar. In a shallow bottom pan add sugar and water and let it boil till it reaches one string consistency. Add the ground paste to it and keep stirring constantly without leaving it unattended. When the mixture gets cooked well and comes out without sticking to the sides of the pan add ghee. Spread it to a ghee smeared plate and cut into slices after it gets cold.

How to prepare almond flakes for cookies and kheers

Almond flakes add a special flavour and decoration to any cookie or kheer or summer cooler drink that calls for nuts. It can be easily prepared at home. Take Badam (Almond) one by one and using a fine sharp knife slice them into very thin pieces (care should be taken so as to avoid cutting the fingers.

Badam Burfi|Almond Burfi

Very quick and easy to make sweet, if the ingredients are kept ready. Ingredients: Badam (Almond) - 250 gms Ghee - 1 cup Condensed milk - 1 tin (250 ml) Milk - 1/5th cup Sugar - 1/4 cup (optional) Method: Soak Badam in hot water for about 10 to 15 mins. Peel the skin and grind it to a fine paste along with sugar and milk. Heat ghee in a hard bottom pan. Mix condensed milk and badam paste together and add it to the hot ghee. Keep stirring till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Pour it on a ghee smeared plate and let it cool. Cut into diamond shapes or square shapes.

Badam Halwa|Almond Halwa

Ingredients: Almonds - 1/2 kg Sugar - 7 cups Cashew Nuts - 25 to 30 nos Cardamom - 12 nos Pachai Karpooram (edible camphor) - a pinch (optional) Saffron strands - a pinch Kesari colour - 1 pinch Ghee - 1 1/2 cups Method: Soak and peel the skin of almonds. Grind it to a very fine paste. Wash the mixer with 1/4 cup of water and add it to the badam paste and make it to a batter consistency. In a hard bottom pan, add sugar and 1/4 cup of water and make a thick 1 string consistency sugar syrup. Add the badam paste to it and keep stirring till both mixes well. In a tbsp of water mix saffron strands and kesari colour and add it to the paste. When the whole mixture starts hardening, add the ghee slowly. (The entire quantity of ghee might be a bit too much, so it have to be added little by little).   Break the cashewnuts into pieces and fry them in ghee. Add it to the hardening paste and mix well. Grind cardamom to a fine powder and add it to the pan. Crush the edible camphor into

Home Made Badam milk mix recipe

CBadam Milk is one of the favourite drinks in our household. To make any occassion special, either Badam Kheer or as a dessert Badam milk is served. This is one recipe that I learnt from one of my friend's mom which can be stored in fridge and use whenever needed. Ingredients: Almonds - 1 cup Saffron - 1/2 gm(fresh) Sugar - 2 cups Water - 1 1/2 cups Badam essence - 1 tsp (optional) How to make Badam Syrup: Soak almonds in hot water and peel them. Add 2 tbsp of warm water to saffron. Grind both almonds and saffron to a very fine paste. Better to avoid water but if needed, a little water can be added. In a heavy bottom pan add sugar and add 1/2 cup of water to make sugar syrup. Add the paste when the syrup starts boiling. Keep stirring so as to no lumps are formed. (Essence can be added when the mixture starts boiling again). Let it cool and refrigerate it. How to make Badam Milk using Badam Syrup: Add 2 tsps of syrup to warm milk. (Though no sugar is needed, if you ha

Badam Kathlee

Ingredients: Almonds - 1/4 kg (soak overnight and peel the skin) Powdered sugar - 1/4 kg Milk - 2 tbsp Saffron Strands - a few Method: Wash the almond throughly after peeling it to remove the brownness. Grind it to a fine paste using milk. Mix the sugar powder to the ground paste and in a hard bottom pan cook the mixture stirring constantly using a large spatula. Do not stop stirring even if it splatters. Keep the stove in low flame, and keep stirring untill the mixture forms a soft lump and leaves the sides of the pan. Spread the cooked mixture in a ghee greased pan and roll it with a rolling pin. When warm, put slices. Decorate each slice with one or 2 strands of saffron. Can also place one or a half of badam on each piece. Remove and store when cold. One can also make Burfi and Rolls using Badaam.

Recipe for Badam Cake (பாதாம் கேக்) in Tamil

இந்த முறை தீபாவளிக்கு வழக்கமான ச்வீட்டன mysoorepak இல்லாமல் வேறு எதாவது செய்யலாம் என யோசித்த பொழுது பாதாம் கேக் செய்யலாம் என தோணி அதற்கு தேவையான சாமான்களையும் வாங்கி வந்தேன். பாதமை ஊறவைத்து தூள் உரித்த அப்பறம் தான் நான் செய்ய நினைத்திருக்கும் முறை சரியா என சந்தேகம். அதனால் உடனே என்னுடய ஒர்படிக்கு போன் செய்தேன். அவர் சொல்லி குடுத்த முறையில் செய்து பார்த்தேன். நானே எதிர்பார்க்காத அளவிற்கு நன்றாக வந்தது. தேவையானவை: பாதாம் - ஊற வைத்து தோல் உரித்தது 300 கிராம் முந்திரி - நூறு கிராம் (ஊற வைக்கவும்) தண்ணீர் - ஒரு கப் செய்முறை: முந்திரி பாதாம் இரண்டையும் நன்றாக மையாக அரிது கொள்ளவும். அரைத்த விழுதை அளந்து கொள்ளவும். ஒரு கப் விழுதிற்கு முக்கால் கப் சர்க்கரை எடுத்து கொள்ளவும். சர்க்கரையை அடி கனமான பாத்திரத்தில் போட்டு தண்ணீர் ஊற்றி கொதிக்க விடவும். கம்பி பாகு பதம் வந்ததும், அரைத்த விழுதை சேர்த்து கை எடுக்காமல் கிளறவும். அந்த கலவை பாத்திரத்தில் ஒட்டாமல் வரும் பொழுது இரண்டு ஸ்பூன் நெய் ஊற்றி கிளறவும். அடுப்பை அனைத்து அந்த கலவையை நெய் தடவிய தட்டில் கொட்டவும். மைசூர் பாகு, தேங்காய் பர்பி ப

Recipe for Easy Badaam Halwa

Badam Halwa is always regarded as the king of sweets. Here is a very easy method to make it at home Ingredients: Almonds, soaked, peeled - 200 gms Powdered Sugar - 120 gms (or as per your taste you can increase or decrease it) Method: Grind the almonds into a very fine paste using 1 or 2 table spoons of milk. (The paste should not be liquidy. In a shallow heavy pan mix the sugar and almond paste and put it in heat and cook.Stir continuously. Add two tablespoons of ghee. Make sure that it does not stick to the bottom. The entire paste should become soft and form lumps. When the lump leaves the sides of the pan remove from fire and let it cool and set.You can make this into balls, or spread in a plate and cut them into pieces.

Recipe for Badam Kheer

Ingredients: Milk - 1 litre Almonds - 50 to 60 (1/2 KG) Sugar - 1 cup Water - 2.5 Cups Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp Saffron - a pinch Chopped nuts - 2 or 3 tbsp (Badam and Cashews) Method: Soak the almonds in warm water for half an hour. Peel the skin and grind the almonds into a very fine paste. Boil the milk in a vessel and reduce it to 3/4th of the original. Remove from fire and add the almond paste. Keep stirring so that it wont settle in the bottom. Let the milk come to a boil. Now remove from fire and add cardamom and saffron. You could serve this kheer cold or hot. If you are serving it hot decorate the nuts on top and serve it immediatly. To serve it cold, refrigerate and before serving decorate it with chopped nuts.