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Rajeshwari Ganesh

A special educator by passion and profession Rajeshwari Ganesh shares her special recipes and cooking tips with us. Rajeshwari Ganesh - one woman who I have always admired for she have cooked in Viragaduppu and also uses the modern day kitchen gadgets. A small interview with that wonder lady who calls herself as gadget freak, will definitely give you all an insight as to how  she uses her cooking skills effectively to satisfy the tummys of her loved ones. I had a small chat with her to know more about Me: At what age did you start cooking? Raji : At the age of 10, I started helping my mom and my paati Me: So you cooked using viragaduppu at that young age? Raji: Not in viragaduppu but in pump stove. My mom will give me instructions and I have to cook all in front of mom's eyes, and at the age of 16 I can cook full fledged south Indian cooking without mom's guidance and instructions. But I cooked in Viragaduppu after marriage as my inlaws lived in a village and they are