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Khar - Vegetables with Lentils

A vegetarian dish from Assam. Ingredients : Papaya - 1/2 kg Ash Gourd - 1/2 kg Garlic - 6 cloves Ginger paste - 2 tbsp Green Chilly - 2 nos Salt to taste Sugar - a pinch Mustard Oil - 1 tbsp Red Lentils (Masoor Dal) - 1/2 cup Method : Peel, wash and dice the vegetables. Heat oil in a pan, and when hot add one green chilly, ginger paste and chopped garlic when it starts turning brown, add lentils and vegetables and stir well. Add salt and cover it and cook till the vegetables become pulpy. Remove from flame and garnish it with green chilly sauted in oil. Serve hot with cooked rice. Note : Instead of Mustard oil, any other vegetable oil can be used. To alternate taste, moong dal can be added instead of Masoor dal