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Marcha Rot (Green chilly chutney)

Ingredients: Green Chillies - 8 nos Ginger - 2 inch piece Onions - 2 nos Oil - 1 tsp Salt to taste Method: Heat 1/2 tsp of oil in a pan and add the green chillies to it after removing the stalk. Let it turn brown in colour. Remove from fire and grind it along with ginger and salt. Chop onions finely and saute it in the remaining 1/2 tsp of oil and add it to the ground paste. A great side dish recipe from the state of Mizoram in North-East India

Green Chilly Paste recipe - 2

Ingredients: Green Chillies - 250 gms Asafodeita - a pinch Salt - 1 tsp Method: Wash and wipe dry the green chillies. Add all the ingredients in a dry grinder and grind it to a fine paste. Store it in an air tight container and refrigerate. Use it when needed.

How to make Chilly Garlic Paste at home?

Ingredients Garlic Peeled - 100gms Chillies - 100gms (red or green) Salt - 1 tsp Oil - 1 tsp Method Heat oil in a hard bottom Kadai. Add garlic and chillies to the oil when the oil is hot. Fry all of them for 2 mins. Switch off the flame and cover it. Let it cool. Use a small grinder and grind it to a fine paste. Let it cool and store it in an air tight container. This can be kept in fridge and can be used whenever required.

Recipe for Hot and Sour Paste

Ingredients: Tamrind Paste - 5 to 6 spoons (better thick paste) Red chilly - 20 (more if you want it more spicy) Salt - 1 tsp Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tsp Oil - 1 tbsp Method: Grind salt, cumin seeds dry and keep aside. Grind the tamrind and chillies together and to it add the powder and grind again to make everything blend finely. Use this paste to make sambar or rasam in a hurry

Recipe for Green Chilly Paste

Ingredients Green chillies (prefferrably the thin long ones) - 250 gms Gingely Oil - 1 tbsp Asafdeita - 1/2 tsp Salt - 1 tsp Method: Wash the chillies. Grind them together along with asafodeita and salt. In a pan add oil and when hot add the paste and keep stirring for a few mins. (Till the oil separates). This can be stored in a clean jar and refrigerated and can be used whenever and wherever required. Instead of frying it in oil, this paste can be stored just after grinding and one spoon of it can be used while grinding chutneys. This uncooked paste can also be used while making vathals and vadams.