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Menu for Aavani Avittam

Yajur or Rig Upakarma and Sama Vedha Upakarma is an important function of South India.  A breakfast of Raw Rice Idly along with  Gothsu  and  Chutney  or some  Sambar  which can also be had for the lunch. Menu for Lunch is just a suggestive one. Can do any menu, but there should be a Payasam, Vadai, Thayir Pachadi, sambar and rasam. If there is a Brahmachari in the house, appam should be made. In many house holds Poli is also made for lunch or for evening snack Payasam Vadai Appalam (fried) Poli Appam Thayir Pachadi  (option)     Cucumber Thayir pachadi     Carrot Thayir pachadi     Javvarisi Thayir pachadi Kosumalli Curry(any one or two)       Potato Kaara Curry       Cabbage and Peas Curry       Paruppusili Chow Chow Kootu Morekuzhambu Rasam     Mysore Rasam     Tomato Rasam