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How to make sprouts using sprout maker?

Here is a step by step instruction to make sprouts using sprout maker: Normally sprout makers consits of 3 compartments (the medium sized ones, the larger ones have 4 compartments). * Soak the beans for about 8 hours or overnite. * Wash the beans and drain it. * Rinse the sprout maker thoroughly. * Add fresh water in the top compartment * Put the soaked beans in the second compartment (the middle one) * The bottom compartment is left empty. * The water from the top compartment drips into the middle one and goes down to the last one. * Remove the water from the bottom compartment every day. * Keep the sprout maker in a warm place, better on fridge top to maintain warmth. Though this is the method to be followed, many users have said, that this device is not so successful.

Anjarai Petti or the Masla Box a must in every Indian kitchen

Anjarai Petti or the Masala Box have been the most important item that have a prominent place in any Indian kitchen. The masala box have mustard seeds, broken Urad dal, Bengal gram dal, Jeera or cumin seeds, Pepper, Methi seeds and Coriander seeds. All the items can be stored in 50 gms to 100 gms quantity depending upon the size of the containers inside. There are 6 or 7 containers in the masala box and the items can be the stored in them. There is an inner lid in which the red chillies are stored.