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Signs and Symptoms of an Ulcer

Ulcers are the open wounds which appear on the skin on inside the body in the hollow organs which are painful and burn a lot and appear mainly because of reduced blood supply to the part of the skin or the organ.
They appear as open craters in the skin, are mostly round in shape - with an exception of highly advanced ulcers which have irregular shape - and have skin corroded in layers. The center most part is many a times the maximum corroded with the destruction of the epidermis, the dermis, the fat layer; the outer part curves towards the normal skin where the destruction is of the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis - with increasing involvement of the dermis and fat layer. The skin around the ulcer is red, tender to touch, painful and swollen.
Sometimes patient can feel pain around the ulcer and fluid oozes our from the ulcer and rarely he may also have fever if the ulcer is superseded with bacterial infection where pus formation takes place. Sometimes ulcer also bleed which can be in large quantity or sometimes in small clots.

Classification of Ulcers
Ulcers are classified according to the time which they require to heal. Ulcers are basically very slow in healing. If an ulcer heals in up to 12 weeks (3 months) time, then it is termed as Acute Ulcer. If an Ulcer takes more than 12 weeks times to heal, then it is known as chronic ulcer.

Stages of development of Ulcer
Ulcer formation first stage
The skin becomes red along with the soft underlying tissue.
Ulcer formation second stage
The redness of the skin becomes more and more pronounced and the part starts swelling. Slowly, one or two blisters appear on the swollen part and and the skin layers above the blisters stats to become dead and peel off.
Ulcer formation third stage 
Now the area where the skin peeled off, becomes dead and straight downwards it becomes dead, which is known as necrosis of the skin. In such a dead skin area, the fat beneath this skin is exposed.
Ulcer formation fourth stage 
More skin becomes dead deep till the fat layer is exposed more and more and destruction of the fat layer also starts. Muscles beneath the fat layer are also exposed.
Ulcer formation fifth stage
Destruction of the muscle layers initiate and above more fat and skin loss happens. Bones beneath the muscle layer are exposed.
Ulcer formation sixth stage - the final stage
Destruction of the bone can initiate and septic formation of the joints initiates. This condition is a serious condition.

Ulcers can reverse in any stage provided they get proper treatment, cleaning, dressing and medication.

Symptoms of Chronic Ulcers
Chronic ulcers are those in which there is ongoing destruction and no sign of recovery or very slow healing and where three months have passed but no healing is observed.
Chronic ulcers show the following appearances and complaints: - 
  1. Constant pain at night and during the day
  2. Have increasing pain
  3. Friable granulation tissue
  4. Foul odor
  5. Wound breakdown instead of healing
  6. Symptoms worsen once the wound gets infected

Venous skin ulcers
Ulcers also appear at other prominent sites such as the veins. Such sites include areas around the veins of lower legs, the calf and the lower side of the ankle where the pressure of the whole body on the ankle joint is the maximum.
These ulcers cause the legs to ache a lot and are swollen. There are lot of chances that these ulcers would get infected and thus, they develop unpleasant odour, increased tenderness and redness. 
The areas where a venous ulcer can develop, gets a dark red or purple skin above which the skin gets thickened, dried and gets a lot of itching.
People suffering from Diabetes have a higher concern of these Venous skin ulcers, as these people are at higher risk of developing diabetic neuropathy.

Other uncommon sites where ulcers can develop
Although rare, ulcers have developed at other sites such as cheeks, soft palate, the tongue, and on the inside of the lower lip. These ulcers are painful but are acute in nature and can heal in one or two weeks time. 
Dr. Apurva Tamhane

Introduction to Ulcer

Many a times we see that we have pain in some or the other part of the body and the skin is rough to touch. Many a times it so happens that the touch to that part is unbearable and it burns. On the other instance, one can also observe that when he eats food, immediately he has burning sensation on the touch of food to the mouth and pungent or spicy food is not bearable to the mouth. 
The same feeling appears when the food when reaches the stomach causes a lot of acidity, burning, nausea and vomiting. And sometimes it also happens that burning starts 2 to 3 hours after eating food. One cannot bear the pain, the burning and when he goes to the toilet to pass stools, there is lots of burning sensation in the stools as well.

What is all this? This is nothing but the injuries to the skin and mucous membranes (The lips, the anal region, the tongue, the internal parts of the throat, the food pipe i.e. the esophagus, the stomach, the intestines, the rectum and the anal canal are all sensitive parts to extremes of circumstances and injuries happen to these parts which have no external reason in their formation and are known as Ulcers.

What is an Ulcer?
A sore on the skin or mucous membrane in which there is destruction of the local tissues is known as Ulcer.
In the destruction of the tissues, the uppermost layer - the Epidermis - is destroyed completely and the layer below the epidermis - the Dermis - is destroyed in portions. To some extent, the fat layer may also get corroded in an ulcer.
Common Sites of Ulcer
Ulcers happen most commonly on the lower extremities, the stomach and the intestines, accordingly get their different names.
How does a Ulcer form?
Whenever skin or any particular tissue is exposed to extreme environments like heat or cold, irritation or if the particular part of skin is deprived of blood and oxygen supply, an Ulcer can occur in that part. This situation happens because of lack of movements, constant pressure on the part of skin, which causes stress to the circulation of blood to that part of the skin and thus any part of the body which does not receive proper nutrition gets destroyed - Ulcer formation takes place. Sometimes these ulcers, being open parts in the skin, get invaded by micro-organisms and infection happens to that part and pus formation takes place.

How does a Ulcer appear?
Ulcer appears as a discontinuation in the skin which is very red and sometimes swollen or sometimes depressed deeper than the normal skin layer. It is fiery red in color and the surrounding skin is also reddened.

Dr. Apurva Tamhane

Health benefits of corn.

Corn is a very good source of nutrients. A low fat complex cabohydtrate. They are rich in fiber and also fight fat and helps fighting heart disease. Eating even a cup full satisfies the hunger. Though corn is hard to digest, the insoluble fiber in it tackles constipation and hemorrhoids very easily. Corn contains folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C.

Corn provides the highest calorie intake needed for any one. The anti oxidants available in corn are great anti cancer agents and also prevents Alzheimer's. Prevents anemia.

Things to avoid immediatly after a meal:

1. Donot take a bath
      Bathing helps in increase of blood flow especially to the hands, legs and all the parts of the body. Therefore the blood flow to and around the stomach gets reduced. This weakens the digestive system of the stomach.

2. Donot sleep
      When one sleeps the body relaxes to the maximum. The blood circulation goes to the brain and stimulates it during sleep. So the stomach and intestine will not be able to digest the food properly leading to gastric trouble and infection in our intestine.

3. Dont loosen the dress or belt
       Loosening the dress will cause the intestine to twist and lead to stomach cramps too.

4. Donot eat fruits after meal
       Eating fruits immediatly after meal will make the stomach bloated. Fruits should be taken either 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after meal.

5. Donot smoke
        Smoking a cigarette immediatly after a meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes which is highly dangerous to health.

6. Donot walk
        Walking immediatly after the food, will not allow the body to absorb the necessary nutrition from the food. It is a myth that walking 100 steps after meal will help live till 99.

7. Dont drink tea.
        Many people feel better to drink a cup of tea after a meal especially while eating out. As the tea leaves contain high acid content, the protien in the food hardens and gets difficult to digest.

How to make dry Mangoes at home?

    Dried mangoes comes in handy even in non-mango season to make dishes used of mango. Dried mangoes are sun dried thin slices of mangoes. As they are dried in sun they dont have moisture content in them.

Choose firm raw mangoes. Wash and peel the skin. Slice them into thin slices either using the peeler or using chips cutter. Rub the slices with salt and turmeric powder. Arrange them on flat plate and dry them in sun for about a week or till the moisture content is gone out. Turn the sides every other day. Once the moisture is gone store in air tight containers.

How to store:
Store dried mangoes in air tight containers away from moisture. While using it the hands or the laddle that is used to take them out should be dry.

Health Benefits
Dried mangoes makes a great tit bit for pregnant women during their first trimester to fulfill their craving. As it have high iron content, a moderate amount can be consumed daily. As it is also rich in Vitamins A and E, it helps the harmones to function efficiently.

Juices and its benefits

Juices are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Juices. Juices are something liked by both young and old alike. 

Why it is better to take juice?
     Many kids and some adults dont like to take fruits and vegetables raw which are rich in minerals and vitamins. It is better to make those fuits and vegetables as juices and have them to get the minerals and vitamins from them. 

      It makes the skin glow and shiny.

      It increases the energy levels.

      Fresh juices are better than cold drinks. Cold drinks harm the body. 

      Juices help in diminishing the toxin loads in our body. 

      For those vigorous dieters juice diet helps in reducing food craving and helps in staying away from junk food.

Drink Grape Juice to drop down your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure have become so common due to the life style, eating habits and other personal habits. But it is proved that drinking grape juice (freshly made), regularly helps in reducing the blood pressure. 

People who are over weight are prone to be affected by BP more than others. Along with the exercise and proper diet that they are following one can also take 2 glasses of grape juice daily. Grape juice is a favourite one for both young and old. So it is better to train the children to drink grape juice regularly. 

But people who are diabetic need to take it with no sugar.

How to make Grape Juice at home

Never skip your breakfast

Many people skip breakfast which is not really a good habit. The food that is taken in night is taken before 2 to 3 hours of going to bed and after that about 8 hours of sleep and in the morning too many have just a cup of coffee or milk. It is advised by doctors to have a healthy and nutrition filled breakfast by around 7.30 or 8.00 am every morning. 

It is better to avoid fatty foods during breakfast and have foods rich in protein. (South Indian breakfast foods of Idly and Dosa have a good amount of protein). Foods like Oats, Wheat flakes, broken wheat etc are also healthy foods for morning breakfast. It is also advised to include a fresh fruit or a fruit salad in the morning breakfast.

A good balanced healthy breakfast stabilizes one's blood sugar and helps in improved body metabolism.

Compulsive Eating - How to find the signs

Many of us want to do dieting but the main problem one faces is compulsive eating. Some vital signs of compulsive signs are:

Thinking about food, especially their favourite food a lot make them forget that they are in diet and make them eat those foods a lot.

Many people treat food as a stress relievers. They eat a lot and lot just to come out their stress and depression.

Even after feeling full and a heavy stomach, many people keep eating which is the resultant of Compulsive eating.

People who get too anxious while eating.

People who worry  or keep day dreaming while eating.

People who over eat are also under the compulsive eating disorder.

People who eat too fast or too slow.

People who want to complete everything that is set on the table.

Those who feel guilty when they eat just because they are eating.

People who eat secretly as they think they should not eat.

People who cant indulge themselves even with one piece of a bar chocolate.

People who just jump to eat a lot and a lot of everything after a spell of long dieting.

People who became more fearful when they feel hungry.

If any 3 of the above fits true for any one, then they are under compulsive eating disorder. Such disorders have to be corrected by giving them proper counseling and proper diet. The diets could include, dairy products, juices, fruits.

Juices - Its health benefits an overview

Almost all of us like to have the fruits and vegetables in the Juice form, rather than having them raw or slightly cooked. Why should we have juices?
1. Its good for health...its is an Excellent source of Vitamins and Minerals
2. Its good for makes ur skin glowww like anything.
3. It increases your energy levels
4. Its better than having cold-drinks..that are quite harmful to our body
5. It diminishes the Toxin load in our body
6. Juicing reduces your food craving which helps you to stay away frm juck food...and thus helps in reducing weight...
We shall see a load of fruit and vegetable juices that help us.