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Varuvals the deep fried delicacies

 Varuvals - Normally the stir fried vegetables are called as varuvals but in the Tambrahm house hold the ones that is deep fried is called as varuvals. Root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, yam (senaikizhangu) , colocasia (seepankizhangu), raw banana, bitter gourd are used. Varuvals are usually served during festivals as a side dish especially for mixed rice vareities and also during Srardhams. For Srardhams mostly yam, or raw banana or bitter gourd are made. As they are deep fried many either avoid or eat very less quantity of it.  Potato varuval Potato spicy varuval Potato masala varuval Chenai varuval Vazhai varuval Paagarkaai varuval Sweet Potato Varuval