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Recipes by Rohini Renganathan

 Ribbon Chowmein Bird's Nest Party Menu 1  Paneer Bemisal Dal Pancharatni Pineapple Melody Party Menu - 2

Party Menu 2 by Rohini Ranganathan

Welcome Drink : Pineapple Melody , Strawberry Vanila Float, Banana Chocolate Smoothie Starters: Mattar(mini) kachori, Mysore Bondas, Paneer Pakoda [All this can be served with dates or green chutney]   Soup: Almond-and-Broccolli soup, Veg-noodle-soup   Main Dishes For kids:Mini Pizza, Desi Pasta, Chole-Bature   For Adults:Phulka,  Brown Rice Peas Pulav, Ghee Rice,  Veg Makhanwala, Grilled Gobi65,Kadi Pakoda , Salad, Roasted pepper papad,  Holi-Curd Rice, Avakkai. Dessert Kesar Rasmalai, Badam-Pista Phirni ,Shahi Tukda, Vanilla Eggless Cake

Pineapple Melody

Party Menu recipe posted by Rohini Renganathan Ingredient Pineapplejuice - 200 ml  Pineapple crush - 2 tbsp Mint leaves - 4-5 nos  Crushed ice - as required Lime juice - 2 tbsp Sugar syrup - 2 tbsp Chaat masala - 1 tsp Method : In a tall stemmed glass, place a bed of the crushed ice.  Pour over the blended mix of the pineapple juice, Pineapple crush, mint, lime and sugar syrup, and chaatmasala. Serve it chilled.

Dal Pancharathni

Recipe for the contest entry of Party Menu - 1 posted by Rohini Renganathan This dish is a protein packed one. Though the list of ingredients is long, but the method is very simple. Ingredients  ¼ cup moong dal (whole green gram)  ¼ cup whole masoor  ¼ cup urad dal  ¼ cup chana dal  ¼ cup toovar dal  3 cardamoms  1” inch cinnamon  1 tsp Jeera   ½ cup chopped onions,   ¼ cup chopped tomatoes  1 tsp dhania powder  2 tsp chilli powder  ¼ tsp turmeric powder  ½ tsp jeera powder  1 ½ tsp fennel seeds (saunf) powder  ½ cup low fat curd (whisked)  2 tsp oil Method : 1.    Wash and soak the dals in warm water for at least an hour. Drain and keep aside. 2.    Add 4 cups water and cook in a pressure cooker for 15 to 20 minutes, over medium flame, till the dals are cooked. 3.    Heat the oil in a pan, add the cardamoms, cinnamon and cumin seeds and allow the cumin seeds to crackle. 4.    Add the onions and cook till they are golden brown.

Paneer Bemisal

Party Menu recipe by Rohini Renganathan This is a quick Paneer dish and can be made without any major preparations  Ingredients - 250 gms Paneer  200 gms Fresh Cream   200 gms Tomato Puree  2-3 tblsp Butter  2 tbsp Kasuri methi 1/2 tsp Red chilli  Powder  1/2 tsp Garam Masala Powder  2-3 Green chilli As per taste Salt   Method -  Melt the butter in a pan, add slit green chillies, tomato puree,kasuri methi, salt, red chilli powder and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Add the cream and garam masala powder and cook further for 2-3minutes. (in slow flame)  Add the paneer pieces and cook for a minute. Serve hot garnished with coriander.

Party Menu - 1 by Rohini Ranganathan

Welcome drink – Aam Panna and Black grape Sherbet   Starters – Birds Nest , Mini-veg-cutlets   Soup –Carrot-ginger soup Main course– Missi Roti, Jeera Kaaju-Badami  Rice,Paneer Bemisaal, Dal Panch Ratani, Ladies Finger Raita   Dessert –Kulfi

Bird's Nest

Party Menu recipe by Rohini Renganathan Ingredients Potatoes (boiled) –Four medium size Paneer , Khoya or green peas - 50 grams (Any one of these or all three, is is your choice)   Vermicilli - 100 gms Maida – 50 grms Red chilli powder – 2 tsp Coriander powder – 2tsp Jeera - 1tsp Hing – ½ tsp Salt – as per taste Besan (gram flour) – 2 tbsp (optional) Lettuce or Cabbage leaves – Shredded finely – for garnish Oil for frying   Method  – Mash the boiled potatoes. Add red chilli powder, coriander powder, salt to it. In a pan add a tsp of oil. Add Jeera. When it turns its colour add hing and the boiled potato mix. Just toss a bit. It should be in such a texture that you can make ballswith it. If you find it soggy then add besan to adjust the texture. Once thisis done , let this cool. Mix maida with some water and make a thin paste.   Take paneer , khoya,give them shape of very small balls (these would become the eggs). You can use boiled green peas

Ribbons Chowmein

This is a competition entry posted by Rohini Renganathan. Ingredients: For Ribbons  Suji - 1/2 cup grind it into flour Wheat flour - 1/4 cup Maida - 3 to 4 tbsp Water - Olive Oil - 1 tbsp For Chowmein Onion - 1 Capsicum - 1 Cabbage - 1 cup Carrot - 1 Beans - 12 Soya Sauce - 1 tbsp Chilli Sauce - 1 tbsp Salt to taste Pepper powder - 2 tbsp Oil - 2 tbsp Method: Make a dough out of the Suji, Wheat Flour, Maida, Olive oil and Water. Let the dough be slightly wet as rava would absorb little more water. Cover the dough with muslin cloth, rest for an hour. Roll the dough into thin chappatis and cut ribbons with knife. Boil enough water in a container with salt and little bit oil, Put these ribbons and let them cook. It will not take very long. Drain the ribbons once cooked and keep them slightly moist. Add few drops of oil to the Ribbons to avoid sticking.   Preparation of Ribbon Chowmein : Heat Oil in a big pan and add sliced onions and s