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How to make ghee at home

Now a days there are lots of brands of ghee available in the market. They advertise it as Manal Manalaai Nei - Sand like textured ghee. I have grown up eating ghee that was made at home. Dad will purchase butter - the Oothukuli butter from the famous Thayar Dairy stores in Ranganathan Street, T. Nagar, near the railway station. The butter will be pure white. I am not sure now if it is cow butter or butter from buffalo as the butter that I get now a days are slightly yellow in colour. The ghee made from this store bought butter at home smells great and the whole house will be full of that smell for almost the whole day. The best part of it is we kids get to eat a small ball of the butter which definitely we look for. The butter is not table butter. It is saltless and is of a smooth texture. I find that texture lacking in today's store bought cooking butter be it of any brand. Making ghee at home is indeed a cherished tradition for many, and the quality and texture often surpass stor