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Neivedhyams for Navarathri|Navarathri Recipes

Navarathri is the festival of dolls, festival where and when woman is honoured and worshipped. In southern states of India, especially in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh dolls are arranged in steps. Every day morning and evening neivedhyams are done and prasadams are distributed. Kids, especially young girls dress up beautifully go to every house and sing songs that they know. Every kid be it a boy or girl is given with a packet of that day's prasadam, mostly Sundal. Fridays are special and Rice Puttu is made on this day as a special neivedhyam. Onions and Garlic are avoided on all the days of Navarathri. It is better to avoid grinding masalas and podis during these days as it is believed that Ambal lives in the house and she should not be given any discomfort. 

Mixed Rice varities as neivedhyam in the morning:

Payasams that could be offerred as Neivedhyam:

Sundals for Navarathri:

Other dishes that can be kept ready all through Navarathri to give it to guests who come in the day time, or who come quite late (after that day's neivedhyam gets over)