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Semiya Bagalabath - Vermicili Curd Rice

Party Menu recipe posted by Uma Sridharan Ingredients: Semiya      (Vermicelli)          1 cup Curd                                     1 cup Carrot                                   1 grated Raisins                                  2 tbsp Cucumber                             1/2 chopped                                    Mustard seeds                      1 tsp Cashew nuts                         2 tbsp chopped Green chillies                        2 chopped Curry leaves Coriander leaves                    1 handful chopped Ghee                                       2 tbsp Salt Method  Heat oil in a tava and fry the Semiya in a low flame until it turns colour. Boil  4 cups of water Add the Semiya in the boiling water. Let  it  boil till it becomes soft. Drain the water.  Heat ghee in a small pan and add the mustard seeds, green chilles and curry leaves. Then fry the cashews. Now mix the vermicelli with curd, salt, chopped vegetables, rai