Welcome to SuvaiArusuvai - Recipes of India

Food is an essential thing for every one to live. We earn to eat and live. Eating should not just constrain to eating delicious dishes, but it should also be eating healthy dishes. One should learn to eat healthy and tasty along with occasional indulgence. It is always good for every one to learn cooking.

Cooking is an art. It is not something which no one can master. Only thing needed is patience and the interest to learn different kinds of dishes. Any one can cook even small kids can do dishes that don't need much of fire. Teaching them at young age will help them to appreciate different tastes and different kinds of dishes.

Why the name Suvai Arusuvai?
      In Tamil Suvai means Taste, Arusuvai means the 6 different tastes. This recipe blog or collection of recipes site, contains recipes of all the 6 tastes.

Recipes posted in this website are prepared on regular Gas stove, in Microwave and also in Induction cook tops. Whenever possible I have added images of the ingredients used. There are certain recipes that are added a quite some time back when I didnot have any camera. Those recipes will not images of the end product, but slowly the images will be added.

Me being a vegetarian donot even cook eggs, so all my recipes are strictly vegetarian. The recieps are mainly in English and ofcourse some of them are posted in Tamil too in the Tamil recipes section. Whenever a translation is asked for that recipe will be translated to Tamil. But if I am able to find friends to help me out, recipes will be translated to other languages too in the due course of time

One can also find info about the ingredients used in recipes. Do not hesitate to post your comments below every recipes. If you have tried and have succeeded do share your success story, along with the recipe link in the Success Story section, do post there if you are not able to get the recipe in the right way. I am open to criticisms too.

I cook my dishes using those utensils that are available at home. I dont try to get new new equipments or new new vessels unless they are atmost necessary for daily cooking.

One can find recipes that are very very old and also modern and innovative ones that today's kids like. Eating healthy and staying fit is the main criteria.

How it all started
Started as a blog to post recipes that I have learnt and tried and that will be useful to friends and relatives who have settled abroad after marriage or for those who have gone abroad and have started doing self cooking this have now become a website that hosts loads of vegetarian recipes that are tried and tested. All the recipes that are added here are from mom, grand ma, aunt, friends and relatives, the recipes are of those dishes which I tasted and liked. Some of the recipes are contributed by friends and a few which I learnt and some are from friends and relatives who have tested those that they have learnt from various sources. 

The recipes that are tried from other sources are tweaked according to the taste of my family so if you are trying the recipes you are most welcome to tweak it according to the taste of your family. Do share your tweaks too with us so that we can also try them