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White Vinegar|Distilled Vinegar

White Vinegar or cooking vinegar is an ingredient used mostly in French cuisine. This is bright and clear in colour. It is normally made of acetic acid and salt in water. (A combination of maize and water). Vinegar is in use from ancient times in many of the European cuisines. How Vinegar can be used: To marianade any dish to make it tender and also to add flavour. It is a good substitute for lemon juice and can be used in any sour or sweet dish. In Indian cuisine,      Vinegar is used to make Paneer,      To preserve pickles and chutneys. Adding vinegar to cauliflower, beetroots etc will help in retaining their colour. Helps in making pasta less sticky. While preparing rice for Chinese fried rice, adding a table spoon of it will make the rice less sticky and also will make them get cooked individually. How to store it?  Store it in airtight container in a cool and dark place. If the seal is opened it stays good for about 6 months.