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Wheat Rawa Pineapple Halwa

Recipe posted by Gowri Suresh Ingredients Wheat Rava- 1cup sugar 1 cup Ghee- 3tbspoon Pineapple small tin safforn roasted cashewnuts for decoration Method: Dry roast wheatrava with little ghee.Powder this along with sugar in a blenderIn Vanali(only sweet making vanali) mix this along with 2 cup waterIn 2 cups water we can use pineapple syrup also.Stir well by adding little by little gheeAdd pineapple pieces in last 5 mtsFinally add saffron soaked in milk It takes 15-20 mts to get cooked well.Transfer this to ghee greased tray Decorate this with roasted cashew .We can cut this into diamond or square shape or appdiye sapdalam.