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Essential items for a new kitchen

Establishing a new life as a new wed or in a new city or county? Make sure you have all of these necessities in your kitchen. Everything you need for a well-stocked kitchen is on this checklist, from cooking gear to storage options. Food Storage Solutions: Make an investment in high-quality tea, coffee, sugar, salt, spice, and masala containerry. For sturdy solutions, go with Tupperware or Rubbermaid brands. Tools for Organization: To keep them fresh, put potatoes and onions in different baskets. Measuring Tools: To ensure accuracy when cooking, use measuring spoons and cups. Spice Organization: For effective spice storage, use small jars or masala dabbas. Medium-sized jars are ideal for storing grains and cereals. Rolling pin, cutting board, knives, steel tongs, peeler, grater, and kitchen towels are essentials for cooking. Cleaning sponges, kitchen rolls, and matchboxes/lighters is part of kitchen maintenance. Cookware includes a saucepan, kadhai, serving bowls, and tava/non-stick p