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How to prepare Kumbakonam Degree Coffee - Kaapi

Not a day starts without the filter coffee for every South Indian. Early in the morning, waking up to the aroma of the freshly made thick decoction blended with thick milk always makes the day a very fine one. The coffee powder combination: One can get the aroma and taste only when the proper combination of the beans are selected and they are properly roasted and ground too. One of the popularly known combination is 200gms Peaberry+ 200gms A+50gms Robusta and the other is 200gms Plantation+200gms Peaberry+100gms Chicory. The chicory is known to give the aroma and taste that makes the coffee lovers go for it. Whatever be the combination, the beans are roasted properly and should also be ground finely. The ground powder should be stored in airtight container too. The coffee making method: In a coffee filter add the coffee powder to the top chamber up to half of the filter. Press the coffee powder lightly with the mushroom shaped umbrella. Do not over press it, if done there

Toffee in Coffee a recipe for chocolate coffee lovers

Some thing different and something yummy. Though pure coffee lovers may not approve this, still, it tastes good. Ingredients: Milk - 1 cup Instant coffee - 1 1/2 tsp Boost or drinking choclolate - 1 tbsp cinnamon powder - 1/2 tsp Sugar - 1 tsp Whipped cream - 1 tsp Method: Heat the milk and add instant coffee powder to it. Add cinnamon powder, boost and sugar. Add whipped sugar and serve warm.  This can be served as iced coffee also by adding one or two ice cubes to it.

Easy Cold Coffee Recipe

This is one ingredient that became a great hit when I served it to my friends. Ingredients: Full Cream milk - 2 glass Sugar - 2 tbsp Instant Coffee Powder - 2 tsp Crushed Ice - 1 cup Method: In a blender, add all the ingredients and whisk it thoroughly. Serve in tall glass with pieces of choco chips on top.

Cold Coffee

Ingredients: Coffee Syrup - 2 tbsp Sugar- 1 tsp Chilled Milk - 100ml (1 cup) Ice cubes - (As per your choice) Hot water - 2 tbspn Hot milk - 50 ml (1/2 cup) Method: Blend hot milk, hot water, coffee syrup , sugar in a blender till it foams. Add this to chilled milk. Refrigerate it and add ice cubes before serving.

Recipe for Coffee Syrup

South Indians without coffee is something unimaginable. This is definitely a sort of mixture of 2 or 3 recipes that I have seen in the net. When my brother came to know that Cold Coffee he wanted me to add this coffee syrup recipe. This can be used to make coffee milkshake, or used as topping in ice creams. Before making this syrup it is better to check out the capacity of the coffee maker or coffee filter and the quantity of syrup one wants to make. Ingredients: Filter Coffee Powder - 24 tbspns Hot Water - 2 cups Sugar - 12 tbsp How to make coffee syrup: In a coffee filter or coffee maker, add enough spoons of coffee powder and add hot water to it. When the decoction is ready remove and keep it separately. To the coffee powder add 1/2 of the original amount of water. You will get a second decoction. Again add the same quantity of coffee powder and add the second decoction first and half of the first strong decoction to the coffee powder. The resultant decoction will be extra

Recipe for Coffee Syrup - காபி சிரப்

This syrup is for my brother who loves Cold Coffee. Mix this syrup in chilled milk (3 tbsp for 1 cup milk), or use it in coffee milk shake or use it as ice cream topping. The syrup that you can get is totally based on the size of coffee filter and the quantity of filter you require. You can make this either using percolator or using filter. In the filter, add coffee powder that is needed for atleast 6 people. Pour hot water over it and get thick decoction. Take the first decoction for this syrup. Add more hot water to it and get the second decoction. You can then throw off the powder. Add the same amount of coffee powder again in the filter. Heat the first decoction (dont heat the decoction directly on fire. Heat it either in microwave or keep the decoction in a vessel and keep that vessel in boiling water). Add that decoction to the filter. You will get more stronger decoction. Now add hot water to this powder and take the second decoction. Throw off this powder too. Again ad