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Recipe for Vegetable Cutlet

Ingredients: Sandwhich Bread - 1 packet Carrot (Shredded) - 1 Cup Beetroot (Shredded) - 1 Cup Beans (stringed and sliced into very small pieces) - 1 Cup Potato (Baked and mashed) - 1 Big Ginger Paste - 1 spoon Salt to taste Corn flour - 1 Cup Ghee - 6 Tbsn Method: Saute Carrot, Beans and Beetroot in a pan with ghee and salt. Mix it with mashed potato. Cut the corners of the bread pieces. Sprinkle some water on the bread pieces and mash them into small pieces. Mix the bread pieces with the vegetables and make it in the shape of your choice; it could be either in square shape or round shape or in the shape of a heart. Spread the cornflour in a flat plate. Now put the shaped cutlet in the flour and make sure that both the sides are completely covered with a thin layer of the flour. Heat a nonstick tawa (it should not get too hot), let the flame be in moderate high. Rub a little ghee and place the cutlets in the tawa. Turn the other side after some time. Both the sides should