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For Lactating Mothers

Nutrition and Diet for Lactating Mothers: Pathiya Samayal Recipes Lactating mothers require a diet that supports their physical and mental strength, ensuring both they and their babies remain healthy. Indian traditional recipes, known as Pathiya Samayal, are particularly beneficial in restoring energy and promoting overall health during lactation. These recipes emphasize balanced nourishment, including plenty of vegetables and fruits, as recommended by doctors or family elders. General Dietary Guidelines: Balanced Meals : Focus on meals that offer all-round nourishment for both the mother and baby. Include a variety of vegetables and fruits. Eating Schedule : Eat at proper times, preferably when the baby is asleep. Have an early and light dinner, ideally by 7.00 pm, to prevent indigestion. Digestive Aids : After meals, consuming betel leaves can aid digestion and reduce the heaviness of the food. Avoid fried pappads and appalams to maintain clear skin and control weight; opt for roas

Recipe for Home made Rose Syrup

  Rose Milk my mom's favourite now it have become my daughter's too.  This recipe comes very handy when guests arrive and they want to drink something chilled but not lemonade or other juices. Ingredients: Rose Petals (Paneer Rose Vareity) - 1 cup Cashew Nuts - 1 cup Sugar - 1/4 cup Rose Water - 1/4 cup (mainly to use for grinding) Rose Colour - a pinch Citric Acid - 1/4 tsp Method to make Rose Syrup: Grind Rose petals, cashew nuts and rose water to a thick paste. To the 2 cups of water add sugar and citric acid and bring it to boil. Add the ground paste and bring it to one string consistency. Remove from flame and when warm add colour. When cold store it in an air tight container. This syrup could be added with milk in the proportion if 1 part syrup to 3 parts milk. Can be garnished with cashew nuts and rose petals.