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Verusenaga podi (Peanut and Copra powder)

Peanuts - 2 cups
Cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
Red chilly - 8 nos
Dry coconut (Copra) - 1/2
Garlic cloves - 15 nos
Gingely Oil - 1 tbsp
Curry leaves - a few
Salt to taste

Dry roast the peanuts. Remove the skin by rubbing them with hand. Add oil to the pan and add the remaining ingredients to it and fry till they become golden brown in colour. Spread in a plate and grind it along with ground nuts to a fine powder. This can be served with hot rice and ghee.

Aratikaaya Masala Pulusu (Raw Banana in gravy)

Raw Bananas - 5 to 6 nos
Vegetable oil - 3 to 4 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Tamarind paste - 2 tbsp
Curry leaves - a few
Oil - 3 to 4 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder - 1 tsp
Garlic - 5 cloves
Ginger - 1/2 inch piece
Rice - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves - 1/2 cup

Make a paste of ginger, garlic, rice. Peel and cut the bananas into bigger cubes. Boil the banana pieces till they become soft or pressure cook it for 1 whistle. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds to it. When it splutter add curry leaves, the ground paste and mix well. Add turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt. Add 2 cups of water to the tamarind paste and add it to the pan. Add the cooked banana pieces and salt. Cover the pan and cook till the gravy thickens. Garnish it with finely chopped coriander leaves.

Goes well with Garlic rasam.

Andhra cuisine

A collection of recipes from the state of Andra Pradesh

Peserat Dosai - Moong dal dosai

This is an Andhra style Adai dosai that is made specially with moong dal.

Moong Dal - 3 cups
Boiled Rice - 1 cup
Red Chilly - 6 nos
Peserattu Batter
Green Chilly - 2 nos
Salt to taste
Curry Leaves - 1/2 cup
Coriander leaves - 1/2 cup
Asafodeita - 1 inch piece

Wash and soak the dal and rice for about 2 hours. Grind it along with the other ingredients to a fine batter.

Heat a tawa and pour the batter just like dosa and spread it evenly. When one side is crisp, turn it to the other side. Cook for about a minute.

Transfer to a serving plate and serve with mint chutney, sweet mango pickle, mor kuzhambu or honey.

Mango Pickle Andhra Style

Mango - 4 fresh firm sour mangoes
Red chilly powder - 4 cups
Mustard powder - 5 cups
Salt - 4 cups
Turmeric powder - 1/4 cup
Fenugreek powder - 1/4 cup
Sesame oil - 1 kg
Garlic - 100 gms or 30 flakes

Wash and dry the mangoes. Wipe the outer clean. Cut the mangoes into big pieces. Rub all the pieces with about 4 tbsp of oil.

In a shallow vessel, mix chilly powder, mustard powder, salt, fenugreek powder and turmeric powder. Add 1 cup of oil to it and mix to a fine paste. Add the peeled garlic cloves to it. Add the mango pieces to the mixture so that all the pieces are coated with the paste. Transfer the mango pieces to a jar. Add the remaining paste on top of the pieces. Cover the jar with a piece of cloth and leave it for 3 days.

Add 1 cup of sesame oil to the mango pieces on the 4th day and turn the pieces up and down using a dry wooden spoon. Leave it for a week more. After a week add the remaining sesame oil and mix well. Spicy Andhra style mango pickle is ready. This stays good for about an year.

Nalla Kaaram - Black Chilly Powder

Red chillies - 1/2 kg
Crystal salt - 1/2 cup
Tamarind - 1 big lemon size
Coriander seeds - 2 1/2 cups
Garlic - 1/4 kg
Black Urad dal - 2 1/2 cups
Cumin seeds - 1/4 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 2 tsp
Asafodeita - 1 inch piece
Turmeric powder - 1/4 cup
Curry leaves - 1 cup
Oil - 1/4 cup

Spread the red chillies in a plate and leave it in sun for about 5 to 6 hours. In a dry pan fry the fenugreek seeds till it turns golden brown. (Fry it not more than a minute). Fry the black urad dal in a dry pan till it turns pink in colour. Fry the coriander seeds in low flame till it turns slightly brown in colour. Add the cumin seeds just before removing the coriander seeds from the pan.

Fry the chillies in about 5 tbsp of oil till it turns slightly black. Add the asafodeita piece too along with the red chillies. Cut the tamarind into small pieces and add it to the oil and fry it too along with the red chillies.

Peel the garlic and fry it in little oil till it becomes crispy.

Let all the ingredients cool and powder them one by one to a fine powder. Transfer it to an air tight container.

This is a great Andhra style rice mix powder. But it had to be had with atleast 2 to 3 tbsp of ghee lest, one would end up with burnt tongue. This powder is very very hot and spicy.

Can also be had as a side dish for idly and dosa by mixing it with gingely oil.

Aval Payasam - Ugadi Special Recipe

Beaten Poha - 1/2 cup
Cream Milk - 1 litre
Sugar - 1 cup
Cardamom - 2 pinch
Cashew Nuts - 8 to 10 pieces
Badam (Almonds) - 8 pieces
Unsalted Pista - 8 pieces
Raisins - 10 to 12 nos
Ghee - 1 tbsp

Method to make Aval Payasam:
Soak Beaten Poha in water for about a minute. Drain the water and let it set for a few mins.

Boil milk and let it reduce to 3/4th. Add the poha and mix thoroughly. Add sugar and stir till it mixes well. Remove from flame and add cardamom to it.

Fry cashew nuts and raisins in ghee and add it to the payasam. Deskin Almonds and cut that and pista into small pieces and add to the payasam.

Athirasam, Ariselu (Ugadi Special)

The dish which is called as Athirasam or Adirasam in Tamilnadu is known as Ariselu in Karnataka and Andhra. On Ugadi, this dish is made as a special dish.

Processed Rice Flour - 4 cups
Jaggery - 3 cups
Oil - For frying
Cardamom Powder - 2 pinch
Sesame seeds - 1/4 cup (this is must if Ariselu is made for Ugadi)
Water - 1 cup

In a thick bottom pan add water and when it boil add grated jaggery and when it dissolves remove from flame and drain to remove the impurities. Keep the jaggery mixture again in flame, add cardamom powder and let it boil till it forms a syrup (if a drop of the syrup is put in water, it should settle well in the bottom).

Add the rice flour slowly and keep stirring without forming any lumps. Remove from flame and when warm make balls and spread them in the shape of puris. Dab the puris with sesame seeds.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry these puris in low flame till they turn golden brown. Store these in air tight container.

Sesame seeds can be added directly to the jaggery before adding the rice flour.