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Indian Recipes an overview

Recipes can be either vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan. Indian recipes are of all the 3 types.  Indian Cuisine consists of a combination of many spices, herbs, vegetables (meat or poultry in non-veg cooking). Each family in each region have its own style of cooking and its own style of including the same kind of ingredients for the same dish thus making it unique for that region or for that culture. Though almost many in India are vegetarians, the invasions right from the Mughals till the British have bought in various cuisines and various kinds of preparations to India.  The main or staple ingredient in Indian cuisine are Rice, Wheat, different pulses, lentils, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Though in the olden days, pure ghee is used for frying, people who have become more health and diet conscious have now stopped using it for frying but have started using it in very less quantities.  Currently there are many brands of sunflower oil and refined oils used to deep fry. Along