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How to keep your Refrigerator clean and handy

Refrigerator have become a very important kitchen gadget in every house hold. If maintained clean, then it will work for a long time. 1. Always use the first in and first out law for the fridge specially. This will help in keeping the fridge from cramming. Never keep any left overs for more than three days. Food kept for more than 3 days are never fit for consuming. 2. Wash the vegetables before putting them in the vegetable storage area. Better chop the vegetables and store it in fridge safe vessesls and use them faster. 3. Stackable containers with transparent body will help in storing the food in fridge easily and also will be able to find out what is stored. 4. Store the non vegetarian items at the very bottom shelf to minimize the food contamination of other foods. Milk and eggs need to be kept in their regular compartment. 5. Ensure that every item have its own place in the fridge. All the members of the home should be  taught about the respective places and have to ens