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Parupusili - Protien rich dish

 Lentil crumble, Parupusili is a high protien nutritious side dish which is rich in protien. It can be made plain and also mixed with a few veggies that enhance the taste. In general the parupusili that is made in marriages and big functions are a bit soft but at home when the quantity is less you can make it fried as per your need. But as a house hold we prefer soft parupusili. 

The process my mom used to make is quite lengthy and during the early days of marriage I used to dread a lot to make it. But when I learnt the quick way it became a regular in our home. Mom used to steam the dal mixture after grinding the batter then crumble it and then make the parupusili. Some parupusili calls for just moong dal too. 

Plain Parupusili

Vazhaipoo Parupusili

Beans Parupusili

Kothavarangai (Cluster Beans) Parupusili

Cabbage Parupusili

Capsicum Parupusili

Parupusili - No veggies recipe

This is made either separately or with vegetables like Beans, Vazhaipoo or Kothavari kaai. Here is the recipe for plain Parupusili.

Thuvar Dal - 1 cup
Bengal Gram Dal - 1 cup
Red Chillies - 6 nos
Salt to taste
Asafodeita - 1/2 inch piece
Curry leaves - 1/2 cup
Oil - 4 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Broken Urad dal - 1 tbsp

Wash and soak the dals together for about 1 hour. Drain the water thoroughly and grind it along with the other ingredients coarsely. Spreak it like idlies on idly plates or in a microwave safe bowl. Steam the mixture in cooker for about 10 mins and in microwave micro high for about 6 minutes.

Remove and let it cool. Grind the cooked idlies again. In a hard bottom pan, heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they splutter add the broken urad dal and when it turns pink add the ground mixture and saute it thoroughly. Ensure that the mixture doesnot settle at the bottom.