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Health Benefits of Cinnamon

1/2 a tspn of cinnamon a day lowers the LDL cholesterol and have a regulatory effect on blood sugar.Studies show that cinnamon reduces the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells. Cinnamon have an anti-cloting effect on blood. Cinnamon powder combined with a tbsn of honey every morning before breakfast relieves arthritis and helps them walk with ease within a month. Cinnamon acts as a natural preservative as it stops the growth of bacterial growth. Smelling cinnamon helps in boosting up one's memory and improves the cognitive function. It have a good source of manganese, fiber, iron and calcium. Being carminative in nature, it helps in reducing nausea in pregnant women. It helps in reducing flatulence when taken in milk shakes and soups.

How to make Cinnamon Powder at home?

Cinnamon is available in the market, in both rolled bark form or in powdered form. As Cinnamon powder tends to loose its flavour very easily, it is better to powder it at home in small quantities and store them. How to grind cinnamon powder? Break cinnamon to small pieces. Roast whole cinnamon in a dry pan. When cold grind it to a fine powder. Use small mixie jar to grind it. But it is better to grind it in a mortar or a pestle. Cinnamon powder is used in marinades, stews, soups, cakes etc.

Cinnamon - How to select it?

A spice obtained from the bark of ever green tropical trees. There are more than 250 different varities of cinnamon. Many have very pungent flavour. Cinnamon comes in quills. They come in dark brown or in tan colour. Though both whole and powdered cinnamon are available in the market, it is better to buy the whole cinnamon and grind it to a fine powder at home to make Cinnamon Powder. Now a days, organic cinnamon is available in the market (which is ofcourse a bit costlier). How to select Cinnamon? Check for the date of expiry if it is a packed one. But if it is purchased from spices shop in loose quantities, then check out whether it is lump or with moisture. Better not to choose such variety.