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Dates Honey Pongal, a sweet Pongal with a difference

Dates Honey Pongal is the regular sweet pongal added with dates and honey. The quantity of dates can be increased or decreased according to one's taste. Can make it as a different Pongal recipe for Aadi Pandigai, Chitra Pournami or Chithirai varuda pirappu. Ingredients: Raw Rice - 1 cup Moong Dal - 1/2 cup Milk - 2 cups Water - 4 cups Jaggery Powdered - 1 1/2 cups Dates - 12 nos Honey - 4 tbsp Ghee - 2 tbsp Dry Ginger powder (sukku powder) - 1 tsp Cardamom powder - 1 tsp Cinnamon Powder - 1 pinch Cashew Nuts - 12 nos Method: Fry Moong dal a bit till it emits a nice aroma. Add jaggery to 1/2 cup of water and mix it thoroughly till all the jaggery dissolves. Drain it through a thin seive to remove all the impurities. Wash rice and soak it along with Moong Dal for about 20 to 30 mins. Drain thoroughly and add it to boiling water. After adding the rice dal mixture add water and 1 tbsp of ghee. Close the cooker and pressure cook it for about a whitsle or for about 1

Wheat Adai or Gothumai Adai

Contest Entry posted by Shripriya A Ramakrishnan (SRK) Ingredients: Wheat flour - 1 cup Toor Dhal and Bengal gram dhal - Fistful of each one. Urad dhal - 2 table spoons Raw rice - 2-3 tablespoons Red Chillies - 4 Asafoetida - little Curry leaves - 2-3 strings Coriander leaves - Salt - As needed. Method: 1. Soak the dhals and the rice together for 2 to 3 hours. Add red chillies and asafoetida and grind it coarsely in the mixer grinder. 2. Add the ground mixture to the wheat flour and mix them without forming lumps. If you want a little sour taste, you can add sour buttermilk instead of water while mixing. The batter should be in adai batter consistency. Add the salt. 3. Chop the coriander and leaves and curry leaves finely. Add it to the batter. 4. Pour 1-2 laddles full in the greased tawa and pour a teaspoon of oil around. When done flip it over and cook well the other side too. 5. Have it with your desired chutney/sambhar/molagapodi.

Godhumai Pongal / Wheat Pongal by Uma Sridharan

Contest entry by Uma Sridharan for Wheat based recipe contest Ingredients Godhumai Ravai 1 cup Moongdhall 1/4 cup Ginger 1 tbsp choopped Jeera 1 tsp Pepper corn 1 tsp crushed Asafoetida 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp Curry leaves Salt to taste Ghee 3 tbsps Method Pressure cook godhmai ravai and moongdhall with 2 cups of water. Mash the pongal. Add salt, ginger, crushed pepper corn, asafoetida and jeera. Fry curry leaves in ghee and add it to the pongal. Mix well. serve hot with Coconut chutney and kothsu

Delicious Wheat Idli Recipe: A Nutritious Twist on a Classic Dish

This wheat idli recipe by Uma Sridharan offers a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional rice idlis. Made with whole wheat, urad dal, and fenugreek seeds, these idlis are packed with nutrients and flavor. Follow this step-by-step guide to make soft and fluffy wheat idlis that are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. Ingredients: 2 cups whole wheat 1 cup urad dal (muzhu ulundh) 1 tsp fenugreek seeds Salt to taste Instructions: Soak the Ingredients : Soak the whole wheat, fenugreek seeds, and urad dal separately in water for 30 minutes. Grind the Batter : Start by adding the soaked fenugreek seeds to a grinder and grind for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the soaked urad dal to the grinder and grind until it is half done. Finally, add the soaked whole wheat to the grinder and grind everything together to form a smooth batter. Add salt to the batter and mix well. Ferment the Batter : Allow the batter to ferment for 8 hours in a warm place. This will help the batter rise and develop a light,

Wheat Oothappam by Uma Sridharan

Wheat based contest entry by Uma Sridharan Ingredients Atta 1 cup Curd 1/2 cup salt to taste soda bi carb a pinch coconut milk 1/2 milk Turmeric powder a pinch Method Mix atta, curd and salt. Pour enough water to make it a thick batter. Prepare the batter without any lumps. Keep it aside for 6 to 8 hours. Now mix coconut milk, soda bicarb and turmeric powder to the batter. mix well. Grease dosaikal or nonstick tava. Pour one big laddle of batter in the tava. sprinkle oil or ghee around oothappam. when it becomes golden brown, Turn side and cook. Serve hot with coconut chutney. Finely chopped onions, carrots or cheese can be used as topping.

Green Peas Soup

A healthy and filling soup for early evening dinner. Ingredients : Peas - 1 1/2 cups Milk or milk powder - 1/2 cup Corn flour - 1 tsp Butter unsalted 2 tsp White stock - 2 cups Salt to taste Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp Cream for topping Method : Beat the butter and corn flour to a fine paste. Pressure cook the peas. Grind the peas and milk or milk powder to a fine paste. Add it to the white stock. Heat a pan add the ingedients and bring it to a boil in a slow flame till the soup becomes thick. Remove from flame. Add salt and pepper. Serve with fresh cream.

7 Cup Sweet

For every Diwali one of the sweets will be this 7 cup cake. As the name suggests, the ingredients used are taken in such a proportion of 7 cups. Ingredients: Milk Powder- 1 cup Besan Flour or Gram flour - 1cup Sugar - 3 cups Grated Coconut - 1 cup Ghee  - 1 cup Method: In a pan heat sugar with just 1/4 cup of water and bring it to a string consistency. Heat ghee, add besan flour, milk powder and grated coconut to it and make a fine paste of it. Add the paste to the sugar syrup mixing it slowly, ensuring no lumps are formed. Keep stirring untill the whole mixture turns soft and bubbles and comes out of the sides of the pan without sticking. Keep a greased plate ready. Pour the mixture in the plate and spread well. Make pieces when warm. Delicious 7 cup cake is ready.

Veppam poo Rasam or Neem flower Rasam

Veppampoo rasam or neem flower rasam is made mainly during Tamil New Year and Ugadi. Though this seem to be a simple one to make have lots of medicinal values. Its always good to have it once in a while along with hot rice and little ghee. Ingredients: Tamarind Paste - 2 tsp Veppampoo Rasam with Tomatoes Thuvar Dal - 1/4 cup Red Chillies - 2 nos Pepper - 1/2 tsp Jeera - 2 tsp Dhaniya or Coriander seeds - 1 tsp Ghee - 1 tbsp Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp Dried neem flowers - 1 to 2 tbsp according to one's taste Hing/ Asafodeita - 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder - 1 pinch Curry leaves - a few Coriander leaves - a few Salt to taste method: In half a tbsp of ghee fry thuvar dal, red chillies, pepper, dhaniya and a few curry leaves. Remove from flame and add jeera in the hot pan. It will get fried. Grind all these to a fine powder along with hing. In a shallow vessel, add 2 cups of water to the tamarind paste. Add salt and turmeric powder and bring it to boil. When it boils

Palakwali Dal a side dish recipe from Punjab

A special dish from Punjab for all the Palak lovers and for those who want to have changes and variety of side dish. Ingredients: Palakwali Dal Palak - small bunch Green gram - 1/2 cup Green Chillies - 2 nos Red Chillies - 2 nos Garllic pods - 8 os Onion - 2 nos Oil - 2 tbsp Cumin seeds - 1 tsp Ginger - 1 inch Lemon Juice - 1 tsp Turmeric Powder - 1 pinch Asafodeita - 1/2 tsp Salt to taste Method: Wash and soak moong dal for about 15 mins. Pressure cook it with 1/2 spoon of salt and turmeric powder. Wash the Palak leaves and cut them into fine pieces. Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, asafodeita, peeled and cut garlic pods and finely chopped ginger pieces. When the cumin seeds changes colour, add finely chopped onions and slit green chillies. Fry till the onions become soft and transparent. Add the palak leaves, salt and cover it with a lid. Reduce the flame and let the leaves cook thoroughly. Mix in boiled dal and bring it to a boil. Remove from flame and

Imarti or Emarti

The south Indian Jelabi is called as Imarti or Emarti in North.  This happens to be a Vrat recipe and so is made mainly during Karwa Chauth Ingredients: Urad Dal - 2 cups Sugar - 3 cups Saffron colour - 1 pinch Cardomom powder - 1/2 tsp Ghee - 500 gms or refined oil for frying Water - 3 cups Method:     Soak urad dal overnight. Wash and drain and grind it to a thick batter. Better grind it with a grinder if grinding it with a mixie then then beat the batter well till it becomes fluffy. Add the Saffron colour and mix thoroughly. Keep aside for about 3 to 4 hours.    Make 1 string syrup using the sugar and add cardomom powder to it.  Heat oil or Ghee in a shallow pan. Using the imarti nozzle or cloth  make jelabis/ Imartis in the oil and fry till they become crisp and golden in colour. At a time make not more than 2 to 3. Drain and dip in the sugar syrup. Soak for about 2 to 3 mins. Drain and serve hot.

Day 2 Diet plan by Laxmi

Day Two: Break Fast : Dosa and Steamed Vada Curry Recipe for Vada Curry: Soak and Grind Channa Dal and Thuvar Dal with Red Chillies, salt and saunf and steam the ground mixture in idly pan and do the rest like usual vada curry.  Lunch: Rice Poosani Sambar Vazhathandu Curry Pudina Thuvaiyal Soya Granules Dry Curry Lemon Rasam Curd Sambar Recipe: Pressurecook half cup of thuvar dalw ith turmeric powder. In a pressure pan temper mustard, methi seeds, curry leaves, one green chilly. Add chopped tomato and fry well. Add tamarind extract and cut pumpkin pieces, sambar powder, salt and close lid and pressure cook for 2 whistles. Open, add mashed thuvar dal and bring it to a boil.  Vazhathandu Curry: Boil finely cut vazhathandu and 1/4cup payatham paruppu with salt and turmeric powder in just enough water (so that we need not drain the water). After all the water is absorbed switch off the stove. In a kadai tempermustard seeds andjeera with curry leaves and add it to vazha

Two Day diet plan by Laxmi

Two Day Diet by Laxmi Day - 1 Breakfast: Idly and Indian Flag Tricolour Chutney Seasonal Juice (This season it is watermelon Juice) Recipe for Green Chutney: Fry Peeled Garlic, Red Chillies and 2 tomatoes.  Grind it with a big bunch of Kothamalli and slat and squeeze a little lemon juice for retaining green colour and taste Recipe for White Chutney: Grind grated coconut, green chillies, roasted gram dhal (pottu Kadalai) and salt and temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Recipe for Red Chutney: Fry 1/4 tsp Dhaniya seeds, Red Chillies, Peeled Garlic Pods, Onion and Tomatoes in that order and grind with salt and Lemon Juice (I use Lemon Juice instead of Tamarind for Chutneys always) All above items are fried and tempered with very little oil (Used PORNA Rice Bran Oil) Lunch: Garlic Kozhambu Chow Chow Molagootal (Kootu) Cucumber Pachadi Bittergourd Curry Lemon - Garlic Rasam Curd Recipe: Kootu: Pressure cook Thuvar dal with turmeric powder and mash well.