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Akshaya Trithiya - The festival to thank and celebrate prosperity

Akshaya Thrithiya falls in the month of Vaikasi, it means that which does not diminish. Both Surya and Chandra are in their radiant best. This is the day when Adi Shankara recited Kanakadhara stotram and this is the Balarama Jayanthi and Parasurama Jayanthi. This is the day to worship Lord Kubera and Lordess Lakshmi. People pray by offerring white coloured items to the Lord and Lordess, which include Jasmine flowers, white cloth, milk and milk based kheers and payasams. Some of the Neivedhyams that can be offerred are: Aval Payasam Paal Payasam Thengai Paal Payasam Curd Rice Kalkandu Saadam


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