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Aadi Pandigai - festival for newly wed

Aadi Pandigai is one of the major functions that is celebrated after marriage. The newly married couple are invited home and the son-in law and daughter are served with a wonderful feast. He is also served the festival special Coconut milk payasam in silver tumbler. Coconut milk Payasam  (This is the most important neivedhyam for Aadi pandigai) Thayir Pachadi - (Coconut Raitha) Kosumalli Koottu Curry -  Potato Curry ,  Parupusili . As it is feast 2 different kinds of curries are made) More Kuzhambu  - Mostly it will be lady's finger or Ash Gourd Rasam Aamavadai Varuval Curd Pickle Though Thengai Paal Payasam is the important sweet, one can also make some other sweet the previous day. Sweets like  Mysore Pak ,  Badam Kathlee  or  Cashew Kathlee  can be made.

Aadi Perukku Recipes

Aadi Perukku or 18 aam perukku is a festival to worship the river, river beds, lakes and water sources. Normally, mixed rice varities are made for this festival in particular. Sakkarai Pongal Coconut Rice Lemon Rice Tamarind Rice Bagala Bath or Curd Rice Click here to read the Significance of Aadi Perukku .