Wheat Oothappam by Uma Sridharan

Wheat based contest entry by Uma Sridharan

Atta 1 cup
Curd 1/2 cup
salt to taste
soda bi carb a pinch
coconut milk 1/2 milk
Turmeric powder a pinch

Mix atta, curd and salt. Pour enough water to make it a thick batter. Prepare the batter without any lumps. Keep it aside for 6 to 8 hours.
Now mix coconut milk, soda bicarb and turmeric powder to the batter. mix well.
Grease dosaikal or nonstick tava. Pour one big laddle of batter in the tava. sprinkle oil or ghee around oothappam. when it becomes golden brown, Turn side and cook.
Serve hot with coconut chutney. Finely chopped onions, carrots or cheese can be used as topping.