Essentials needed for all new weds

Nine years back when I started my life as a new wed, my mom and mom in law stayed with me for a few days to help me set up my house and kitchen. But even before marriage my mom started collecting a lot of things that will be needed for me. Though this might not be the full set or an excess list for a new kitchen, still it will be helpful for all. 

Most essential articles you need to start a kitchen.

1. Shripet or Pearlpet jars for tea/coffee/sugar and salt (better go in for Tupper Ware or rubber maid products. (Edited in 2022). Now you have various other companies manufacturing food grade plastic containers. 

2. Baskets for potatoes and onions. Never keep onions and potatoes in the same basket. They need to be kept in 2 different baskets

3. Measuring cups and measuring spoons

4. Anjarai petti or small size Shripet or Pearlpet jars for spices and masalas. There are lot of different shaped masala dabbas with containers ranging from 6 partitions to 12 or more. 

5. 12 medium size plastic jars for grains & cereals. (to hold atleast 1 kg)

6. Rolling pin & board

7. Chopping board

8. 2-3 knives

9. Steel tong

10. 1 peeler

11. Lighter or Match Boxes

12. 1 grater

13. 6 tea towels

14. 2 cleaning sponges

15. Kitchen roll or paper towel rolls mainly to be used to drain oil.

16. 2 saucepans

17. Serving bowls

18. 1 tava/non-stick

19. Seive

20. Strainer 1 bug one or two small

21. Serving plate

22. 3 kadhai and one of them a deep one for frying

23. Table cuttlery

24. Pressure cooker 2 or 3 different sizes

25. Glasses

26. Dinner plates

27. Side plates

28. Bottle opener (optional)

29. Blender or food processor

30. 1 ladle1 flat spoon, serving spoons & wooden spoons

31. 2-3 thalis

32. Slotted frying spoon

33. Cooking utensils of various sizes

34. Grinder

35. Refrigerator

Have different vessels for milk and other spicy foods. It is always better to have Non-Stick cookware in large number in your kitchen

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