Recipe for Coffee Syrup

South Indians without coffee is something unimaginable. This is definitely a sort of mixture of 2 or 3 recipes that I have seen in the net. When my brother came to know that Cold Coffee he wanted me to add this coffee syrup recipe. This can be used to make coffee milkshake, or used as topping in ice creams.

Before making this syrup it is better to check out the capacity of the coffee maker or coffee filter and the quantity of syrup one wants to make.

Filter Coffee Powder - 24 tbspns
Hot Water - 2 cups
Sugar - 12 tbsp

How to make coffee syrup:
In a coffee filter or coffee maker, add enough spoons of coffee powder and add hot water to it. When the decoction is ready remove and keep it separately. To the coffee powder add 1/2 of the original amount of water. You will get a second decoction. Again add the same quantity of coffee powder and add the second decoction first and half of the first strong decoction to the coffee powder. The resultant decoction will be extra strong and thick. Use the same decoction and prepare decoction one more time with fresh coffee powder. There will be a triple strength coffee powder.

For the total amount of decoction add half the quantity of sugar. For example if there is 2 cups of decoction, 1 cup of sugar is to be added. Stir constantly till the sugar is dissolved. The sugar is to be added to the hot decoction and to be ensured that it dissolves completely. Store the syrup in airtight jar and refrigerate it.