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Carrot Kheer

A healthy and tasty drink. Make it plain or make it as a milkshake, kids will love for sure. Drink that people of all ages can have.

Carrot - 2 cups grated
Milk - 4 cups
Water - 1 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cups
Cardomom - 1/2 tsp
Cashew nuts - 24 nos.

Pressure cook carrots in one cup milk and one cup water. (Just one whistle is enough). Let it cool. Grind half of the cashew nuts with the cooked carrot to a fine paste. Bring the remaining 3 cups of milk to a boil. Add the ground paste to it and cook till the entire mixture forms a thick paste. Add sugar after reducing the flame. When the sugar dissolves remove from flame, add cardomom powder and cashew nuts roasted in ghee.

Serve chilled. (If you want it as a drink, add half cup of this kheer to half cup of milk before serving).

Semiya Payasam in Microwave

Milk - 1 ltr
Vermicili - 1/2 cup (Roasted)
Sugar - 1/2 cup (If you want it a bit more sweet add 2 to 4 tspns more)
Cardomom Powder - made from 4 to 6 cardomoms
Cashewnuts - broken into small pieces 8 pieces
Raisins - 10 to 12 (optional)
Ghee - 3 tbsp

In a micro bowl put 1 tbsp ghee and add raisins and cashew nuts and microwave it for 1 min. If they are not roasted golden brown, keep it for another 30 seconds. In a flat bowl, add a tbspn of ghee and semiya(vermicili) and micro high for 1 min stirring in between. Boil milk in a microwave container. Add vermicili to it and mix well. Micro high for 15 mins stirring every few mins inbetween. Remove from microwave and add sugar. Again microwave it for 5 mins. Remove from the oven and add the fried nuts and raisins, cardomom powder and another tbsp of ghee to it.

It is good to eat this either hot or cold.

Recipe for Badam Kheer

Milk - 1 litre
Almonds - 50 to 60 (1/2 KG)
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 2.5 Cups
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Saffron - a pinch
Chopped nuts - 2 or 3 tbsp (Badam and Cashews)

Soak the almonds in warm water for half an hour. Peel the skin and grind the almonds into a very fine paste. Boil the milk in a vessel and reduce it to 3/4th of the original. Remove from fire and add the almond paste. Keep stirring so that it wont settle in the bottom. Let the milk come to a boil. Now remove from fire and add cardamom and saffron. You could serve this kheer cold or hot. If you are serving it hot decorate the nuts on top and serve it immediatly. To serve it cold, refrigerate and before serving decorate it with chopped nuts.