Different types of Rasam recipes

In many places Rasam is taken up as a soup during monsoon season or when it rains heavily. Hot rasam is always a great dish to drink when you have a sore throat or when you feel cold and feverish. Rasam is mostly made using Rasam podi but there are always substitutes or other methods to make any dish. 

Rasam or Sathamuthumade in a typical South Indian Tambrahm house hold is a must every day and it is enriched with flavours of curry leaves, coriander leaves, asafodeita, and a tadka made with ghee. Finely chopped or mashed tomatoes add great flavour to it along with the tamarind extract.

The ingredients to make rasam are common and so is the tadka. The dal used is Thuvar dal. Rasam always falls under medicinal food as there are lot of benefits in consuming it. Rasam helps in digesion, as the pepper and cumin seeds whether it is added as it is or as a mixture in the rasam powder helps in secretion of digestive juice. Rasam helps a lot in treating constipation. It keeps the body well hydrated and nourished. Adding lentils and herbs like curry leaves and coriander leaves helps in making it a complete dish to eat with rice or drink as a warm soup. The addition of the herbs helps in disposing of the body waste and acts as a detox and helps in preventing water retention. Rasam is offerred to pregnant woman and lactating women.

Rasam can also be had as soup, appetizer apart from mixing it with rice and having as a course of meal. South Indians cant do any course of their meal without Rasam. There is a large list of Rasam varities one cam make every other day. Right from one minute rasam to araichu vitta rasam or pine apple rasam. Some types are rasam  make a good medicine.

One minute Rasam

Mysore Rasam Method - 1

Mysore Rasam Method - 2

Goddu Rasam

Lemon Rasam

Instant Rasam

Pathiya Rasam

Pudhina Rasam (Mint leaf rasam)


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