Dry Fruit Halwa

Another halwa which is healthy and nutritious that an be made as a prasad for festivals and functions and get togethers. 

Almods - 1 cup
Cashew nuts - 1 cup
Dates - 6 nos
Raisins - 6 nos
Pista - 6 nos
Milk - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 2 tbsp

Soak the almonds and cashew nuts seperately over night. Next day morning remove the skin of the almonds and grind it along with the cashew nuts to a fine paste by adding 2 tbsp of milk. 

Chop th pista and dates finely and mix it with the raisins.

Add the paste to a hard botto pan and saute it by tossing it from bottom to up witout burning it but it should become golden colour. Add sugar,mixed dry fruits and 1 tbsp of ghee and keep mixinng it and stirring it constantly. Keep adding milk little by little. Let it thicken. Add the remaining ghee. Once it thickens spread it on a ghee greased plate. Let it cool cut into pieces.