Horse gram - Its health benefits

Horse gram, (Kollu, Kulith, galath, kulath, kulthi, gahat) is a legume that is normally known as fodder for horses. But this legume which is reddish brown in colour helps in reducing the unwanted fats and also help in weight reduction diets. It also helps in reduction of pain in dry piles, helps in purifying mensuration. Horsegram is also said to cure arthritis. It is rich in protein and dietary fibre that helps to regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Horse gram is rich in proteins, vitamin c and iron too.

Horse gram powder with a little of water helps in controlling boils and skin rashes. The liquid that is used to boil horse gram helps in regulating fever.

Horse gram helps in lowering cholestrol level and also reduces flatulence.

Women with menstural problem like heavy bleeding, and irregular periods can benefit by taking horse gram water or intaking horse gram soups or horse gram sprouts to daily diet. Taking horse gram after delivery will stop the heavy bleeding. In general women can take 1 tspn of horse gram powder daily early in the morning. Pregnant women need to avoid this, but it can be taken only after delivery.

In general one can say that intake of horsegram helps in fufiling the fibre need of the body.


Unknown said…
shall i have horsegram powder while breastfeeding??.. she is 4 months completed.. i m stil breastfeeding.., but not even reduced a single weight... plzz help me ya..
Support said…
Horse Gram is a class of food which is highly nutritious and considered as a food from the balanced diet category.

It is rich in proteins and phenols which help in maintaining body weight and to some extent in reducing the body weight.

While there is no harm in having horse gram to reduce weight, but excess of horse gram is not advisable. Since horse gram contains Phenols in it and especially Bisphenol A, excess of them can lead to disruption in the functions of glands in the body which can also affect the production of milk in the Breasts.

Along with having Horse Gram in diet, you can also go for simple exercises like Yoga and brisk walking to start slow but steady reduction of weight.

Dr. Apurva Tamhane
M.D.(Homoeopathy), C.C.H., C.G.O., C.C.M.