How to make Nannari Sherbet at home

Though there are many brands of Nannari Sherbet available in the market, the syrup can be made at home very easily.

Nannari roots (Sarasaparilla roots) - 100 gms

Water - 5 cups
Sugar - 5 cups
Lemon - 6 nos (big)

Break the roots into small pieces (Say 1 inch piece), Spread the roots in a paper or clean cloth and dry well in hot sun for a day or two. Crush the roots and remove the hard part inside. Dry grind the roots to a fine powder.

Boil water and when it bubbles remove from flame and immediatly add the powder and mix well. Close and leave it for about 10 to 12 hours allowing the sediments to settle at the bottom. Strain using a muslin cloth in a clean vessel. Add sugar to the water and boil again stirring constantly so that the sugar doesnot settle at the bottom. The liquid should reach a sticky consistency. Remove from flame and add lemon juice which acts as a preservative. Store in a clean airtight bottle.

How to serve:
To 1/4 cup of syrup add 3/4 cup of chilled water and juice from half lemon.

Alternatively add 1/4 cup of syrup and 3/4 cup of chilled water to a blender. This will fizz up and tastes good too.

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