Home made Powders and its significance

There are lots of homemade powders listed out in this website. They all can be easily made at home using the simple dry grinder (mixie), that one have in the kitchen. A little time taken to fry and grind these powders will definitely be of great help, while cooking and also will enhance the taste.

As the quantity made is small, storage is easy and they dont go bad very easily. As the proverb says, the best way to reach a man's heart is through his stomach, these powders will definitely do that wonder as they give an enhanced taste to the cooking. Now a days, we have to add kids also to the proverb as they demand a lot more tastier foods.

With just one powder, one can make different dishes. Like using Sambar powder, one can make sambar and also Vathalkuzhambu (though there is a separate Vathakuzhambu powder too). This can aslo be added to veggies like potato, lady's finger, brinjal etc while making them a bit fried, instead of plain chilly powder.

Powders like Dhal Powder (Paruppu Podi), Curry leaves powder help in making jiffy mixed rice for the bachelors and all those who are in a hurry. In many Tamil house holds, the sambar that is made in the morning gets over by the day and so when they want to have a 3 course meal, they take either of these powder rice first then have rasam and curd rice.

There are different kinds of Milagai Podis too that one can make at home which comes in handy, when one cannot make any side dish for idly or dosa. Powders like Ingaya podi act as home remedy for stomach aches.