Onion and Tomato Paste - A Basic paste recipe for all North Indian Dishes

All the north Indian side dishes use this Onion and Tomato paste in the cooking process. This paste can be made and stored for almost 15 days in freezer. If there is party or if you are planning to make North Indian Dishes quite regularly, then this is the best thing one can make use of.

Onion - 12 nos
Tomatoes - 18 nos
Oil - 6 tbsp

Cut all the onions and tomatoes into pieces.  In a heavy bottomed flat pan add oil and when hot add the diced onions.When they turn golden brown in colour add the tomatoes. Mash the tomatoes and stir well. Keep cooking till the oil starts coming out. Once done, remove from flame and let it cool. Use a hand blender to mash the mixture thoroughly.

Store in dry air tight containers so that it can be used when ever needed.

When you are cooking vegetables or meat based dishes. Finish off all the other cooking process like adding the spices, boiling and blending and add this paste at the end and stir well.

Benefits of using this paste:
Saves time and saves cutting of onions and tomatoes daily.
Uses less oil.
Vegetables or meat get cooked well in concentrated spices as the onion is added at the end in the form of paste.
The gravy is thick.