Jaggery (Panela) a natural sweetner for recipes

Jaggery or Gur or Gud or Gol, is one of the sweetner used in many Kheers and Payasams in south India. It is also known as Panela in Mexico and South Africa.

It is supposed to be rich in Iron that when taken regularly increases hemoglobin count and prevents Anemia.

Jaggery is prepared from sugar cane without separating molases. Jaggery vary from dark brown in colour to golden brown in Colour. Jaggery is also used to make syrups in some sweets. Jaggery is a natural sweetner.

Intaking of Jaggery regularly, helps in keeping the lungs and wind pipe clean. People working in highly polluted areas can take this regularly.Taking in a glass of water and a piece of Jaggery after coming in home from hot sun helps in retaining water content in one's body.

In South India, every house hold add Jaggery to their monthly Grocery list. If there is Jaggery at home, then making a paysam or kheer becomes very easy.

How Jaggery is used in cooking in India:
Though in Tamilnadu, Jaggery is used mainly in Payasams and Sarkarai Pongal, it is used in the rest of India in many of their day to day cooking. One of the famous dishes that is made out of Jaggery in Tamilnadu is Paanakam which is offerred as an offerring to God.

In Maharashtra : Most of the vegetables and dals are added with a little of Jaggery. Jaggery is used as a sweetner in many of the dishes.

In Karnataka: The dishes like Sambar, Rasam and almost every thing is added with Jaggery to give a slightly sweet taste.

In Gujarat: To give an enhanced taste when added to lentil soups to balance the spicyness.

How to store Jaggery:
Store Jaggery in an airtight container in room temperature.


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