Breast Milk - Am I producing the right quantity?

Many lactating women's primary concern is the amount of breast milk they produce. Many fear that they are not producing the right quantity that is needed for their babies. Lots of questions arise in their mind with regard to breast feeding. This article is a small intro into breast feeding. 
Lactating women fear on so many things like small breasts, inverted nipples, am I getting enough milk to feed the baby (ies in twins), is breast milk alone enough for premature babies , should I take medicines to increase my breast milk and so many others. 

But lactating women, should remember one particular thing, that breast milk which is produced by her, keeps increasing with the sucking of the babies. Mothers should feed the babies in both the breasts so that the baby gets to know to change sides if needed. When the baby sucks more, the breast produces more milk and never leaves it empty.

The size of the breasts of the mother have no relativeness to the amount of milk produced by her to feed the babies. The milk glands which are the back part of the breasts secrete enough milk that is needed for the baby. Mothers with inverted nipples have to take care of it even before delivery after proper consultation with the gynecologist. 

Breast feeding mothers should drink lots of water and also should avoid tea, coffee and other drinks which are rich in caffine