Obesity in Kids - How to control it?

Every one loves eating. Kids especially love to indulge themselves in eating their favourite food. Their favourite food include chips, snacks and many other fried items. The kids who indulge themselves tend to turn obese and special care should be given to such kids. Though kids being obese is also genetic if both the parents are obese, kids should be taught healthy eating habits right from child hood. 

There is a fag that fat kids are healthy. But the truth is plump means Obese and these kids are exposed to increased health risks. These kids when turn adults have increased risks of getting gall bladder disease, liver disease, type 2 diabetics, heart diseases etc. The obese child when becoming adult also tend to suffer from poor self esteem and it might also lead to depression. 

Parents should take care of including more of vegetables, fruits in their diet and reduce the intake of fried foods.

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