Healthy drink for exam goers - Soya bean milkshake

Soyabean powder - 100gms
Milk Powder - 100gms
Baadam, Unsalted Pista - 50 gms
Sugar - As per taste
Cardomom - 2 to 5
Milk - 1 cup chilled

Mix and seive soya powder and milk powder to blend well. Dry roast baadam, pista and cardomom and grind them in a dry mixer. Mix it along with the soya bean mixlk powder mixture and blend well again.

Add this powder and 1 tspn of sugar to one glass of chilled milk. Beat it in a juicer or hand blender and serve cold.

Alternatively, it can be had in a glass of warm water and this helps in keeping a person awake but alert when studying for exams.

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