Recipe for Microwave Paneer stuffed Lady's finger

Lady's finger, Okra, Bhindi, whatever name you call it, it is a big hit in any house hold if cooked properly. My This is a special method of cooking Lady's finger to make even those who dont like it. Combined with Paneer and  Tomato Puree, this dish, turned out to be an extremely mouth watering side dish for Chappati, though the kids might finish it  off as a starter dish.


Very tender, fresh ladies’ finger - 250 gms
Paneer - 200 gms ( grate)
Oil - 1 tsp
Tomato puree - ½ cup
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Salt and sugar to taste

Method to make stuffed Lady's finger:
Wash and wipe dry the Lady's finger. Cut the top and bottom end and slit it lengthwise (care should be taken, so as not to cut it into two halves). Microwave on low for just 30 seconds. Remove and spread it on a plate.

Mix grated paneer with chlli powder, salt and oil. Stuff the lady's finger with Paneer mixture. In a flat bottom shallow micro bowl, spread the stuffed Lady's fingers and micro wave it for 30 seconds on medium. Mix tomato puree, salt and sugar (alteratively tomato ketchup can also be used). Pour on top of the spread bhindis. Cover the bowl and micro medium for 10 mins. Let it be in room temperature for 2 mins. Open the lid and microwave it in high for about 2 mins.

Serve with hot  Parathas, Rotis, Naan and Veg Pulav.


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