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Small tips

posted 23 Jun 2014, 02:04 by R A   [ updated 23 Jun 2014, 02:04 ]
Useful tips

1. To reduce salt:
    If you find excess salt in Sambar or rasam, pressure cook peel and cut them into big pieces. The potato pieces will absorb the excess salt. 

2. Do not add lemon juice in hot rasam or hot rice when making Lemon Rasam or Lemon rice. Remove the rasam from flame and add the juice when warm. For lemon rice let the rice get warm enough. 

3. Add green chillies to those dishes that are made using lemon juice.

4. While making filter coffee if the decoction did not flow freely the reason could be blocked holes in the top vessel of the filter. To remove those blocks, pour hot water into the top vessel and tap it in the reverse then show the holes side on a stove and then tap again to remove the blocks. 

5. Cook vegetables with salt. For root vegetables do not add salt while cooking.