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Winners of Wheat based Contest

posted 14 Aug 2012, 01:29 by R A   [ updated 14 Aug 2012, 01:30 ]
Here are the entries for the contest

1. Wheat Rawa Pineapple Halwa by Gowri Suresh
2. Dal Bhatti by Jyotsna Balasubramanian
3. Wheat Rawa Pesarattu, Dal Dhokli, by Vijaya Venkatesh
4. Ribbons Chowmein by Rohini Renganathan
5. Kothamalli Vadai , Parangikkai Sweet Pakoda and Wheat Rawa Kichadi by Priya Ayyangar
6. Pani Puri, Oats Idly, Paal Poli by Sowpernica's Kitchen
7. Wheat Rawa Seeralam, Godumai Adai, Wheat Rawa Vadai by Shripriya A Ramakrishnan
8. Godumai Rawa Payasam, Wheat Oothappam and Godumai Idly, Godumai Pongal by Uma Sridharan
9. Samba Rawa Adai, Wheat Veggie Rolls by Bhooma Sudhagar
10. Sweet Wheat Dosai by Krithika Karthik
11. Crunchy-Spicy Broken Wheat Snack Powder, Wheat flour veggie cutlet by @Saloni Ramachandiran (I am unable to tag you)

Out of these 23 entries, we have selected 6 recipes. Though others were also too good, we considered factors like ease to make, correct quantity and consistency and also the votes by the kids.

The first prize goes to 2 recipes, Wheat Rawa Seeralam and Wheat Veggie Rolls.
The second prize goes to Paal Poli
The third prize goes to Ribbons Chowmein
The two consellation prizes are Dal Dokli and Wheat Oothappam 

A special prize goes to Crunchy-Spicy Broken Wheat Snack Powder