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Week end Menu day 2 by Shripriya A. Ramakrishnan

posted 18 Sept 2012, 03:06 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 18 Sept 2012, 03:07 ]
Oatmeal for elders (I have it with curd/buttermilk. My husband has it with milk and splenda)
Honey bunches of oats cereal with milk for kids (This cereal has almonds in it. So it is a added protein for kids!)
Midmorning snack: Bananas and Oranges
Cooked quinoa for myslef, Rice for the rest
Mochakottai/White karamani karakuzhambu
Jeera Rasam
Green beans kootu
Cabbage curry
Evening snack:
Coffee for elders, Milk for kids
Plums and strawberries for all.
String cheese and some goldfish crackers for kids.
Cracked wheat vegetable upma and plain curd for adults.
Rice, Carrot kootu, and Curd for kids.
This is my normal weekend menu. I try to make one kootu and one curry during weekends because we can relax and eat well with lot of vegetables. I cook with minimum of oil. I use extravirgin olive oil  for most of the cooking and idayam nallennai for items like vathakuzhambu/karakuzhambu.
I feed kootu rice with curry,  and curd rice to the kids. I will try to push vegetables in any form to them. Even during weekdays whenever I can, I make one kootu and one curry.  I dont eat white rice at all since I am on a low carb, low fat diet. During week days I eat only chappathis and wheat/oats/quinoa based tiffin items. During weekends, I eat either cracked wheat or quinoa with our regular gravies and vegetables. And I compulsarily give midmorning and evening snacks to everyone. Mostly fruits. Even for kids I will give fruits first, and then some kind of junk like cookies, cheetos etc., All of us love sundal. Channa sundal, karamani sundal....etc.,  Myself and my husband try not to eat junk most of the time. Once in a while, rarely,  we bake samosas and some of the non-diet snacks.