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Simple and Plain Dosa

posted 19 Jul 2014, 18:41 by R A   [ updated 19 Jul 2014, 19:41 ]
One of the South Indian special dish is a thinly spread pancake made using fermented batter of rice and urad dal. A tiffin item which is consumed either for breakfast or for evening tiffen or for night dinne
r is served in different variants with stuffing, without stuffing and also with different kinds of side dishes too. This is one tiffen that can be had with both North Indian gravies and south Indian sambars. 

The measurement for dosai batter is also just the same as that of idly batter. But before preparing dosai, a little more water is to be added to the batter to get crispy dosas. 

Add a batter to a hot tawa on a reduced flame and spread it thinly. Sprinkle it with oil. When the side on the batter turns golden brown turn to the other side and let it cook for a while. Ensure it is not burned. 

Serve hot with sambars, chutneys, masalas as stuffing or as side dish or with idly molagai podi (Idly chilly powder)