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posted 10 Sept 2012, 05:48 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 10 Sept 2012, 05:50 ]

raw rice 2cups
doppi rice 2cups 
sugar 1teasp
yeast 1teasp,salt

For the next day breakfast, soak the rice previous day afternoon & grind it the night take half up of lukewarm water &add the yeast & sugar &mix thouroghly,close it & keep this for 1/2 hour so that this will ferment. after that mix this with the batter and stir it well. add the salt also.keep this over the night at room temp.the next day it will get ready. if u want to add little water add .take an appachatty ( nonstick is nice ) pour one spoon of batter & rotate it .cover with lid & in 2 min it will be ready. very healthy & tasty.

Grated coconut,tamarind,garlic,redchillies,salt.
Take a steelrod, prick the chillies in it,heat directly in the flame (just tilt it) for some seconds so that it gives smell.overheat will burn it. with this,add garlic & other ingredients & grind . add some water for loose consistancy. heat some oil,put mustardseeds,small onions chopped &curryleaves & pour over the chutney. this will match with appam & tastes good.