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Wheat Veggie Rolls

posted 10 Aug 2012, 02:26 by R A   [ updated 23 Jun 2014, 03:57 ]
Wheat based recipe by Bhooma Sudakar

 Atta – 2 cup
Maida – 1 cup
Carrot, cabbage, capsicum, peas – one cup each (finely chopped)
Green chillis – 2
Pepper powder – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil to fry.
Mix the atta and maida with salt and water, make dough.
Heat the pan, pour little oil, add green chillis, all veggis stir well and half cook it. add pepper powder and salt. Keep it aside till it cools.
Make a small balls of atta, roll them into small pooris.
Take one spoon full of mixed veggis place it in one corner of the round, and roll it nicely and close the ends as the stuffing should not cum out when you fry. (make sure that you remove the green chills before stuffing)
Heat the pan, add oil, put the rolls one by one fry both the sides till it turns golden.
Now, Hot Wheat Veggi rolls are ready to serve with tomato sauce.  
suggestion :- pls add the green chillis, as whole. as it will be difficult to remove before stuffing..